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Applicant:Ben Billings
Owner:Ben Billings
LocationAt the corner of Billings Road and Warm Springs Road
Acreage:8.62 Acre
Current Zoning Classification:NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
Proposed Zoning Classification:SFR4 (Single Family Residential 4) with a variance from the 30 foot rear setback and 35% lot coverage to be a 20 foot rear setback and 45% lot coverage variance.
Current Use of Property:Undeveloped
Proposed Use of Property:Detached Single Family Residential
Council District:District 6 (Allen)
Planning Advisory Commission's Recommendation:Approval based on the staff report and compatibility with existing land uses.
Planning Departments Recommendation:Conditional Approval based on compatibility with existing land uses. Conditions are: 1) the rear setback lines shall be reduced from thirty (30) feet to twenty (20) feet, and 2) the thirty-five (35%) percent lot coverage requirement shall be increased to forty-five (45%) percent.
Fort Benning's Rcommendation:eN/A
DRI Rcommendation:eN/A
General Land Use:Consistent
Planning Area B, Land Use Designation is Single Family Residential
Environmental Impacts:The property does not lie within the floodway and floodplain area. The developer will need an approved drainage plan prior to issuance of a Site Development permit, if a permit is required.
City Services:Properties are served by all city services.
Traffic Impact:This rezoning request does not anticipate generating a negative impact on the transportation network.
Surrounding Zoning:North – SFR1 (General Commercial)
South – SFR4 (Single Family Residential 4)
East – SFR4 (Single Family Residential 4)
West – GC (General Commercial)
Reasonableness of RequestThe request is compatible with existing land-uses.
School ImpactN/A
Buffer RequirementsThe site shall include a Category A buffer along all property lines bordered by the GC zoning districts. The 3 options under Category A are:
1) 5 feet with a certain amount of canopy trees, under story trees, and shrubs / ornamental grasses per 100 linear feet.
2) 10 feet with a certain amount of shrubs / ornamental grasses per 100 linear feet and a wood fence or masonry wall.
3) 20 feet undisturbed natural buffer.
Attitude of Property Owners:Thirty Nine (39) property owners within 300 feet of the subject properties were notified of the rezoning request. The Planning Department received one comment regarding this rezoning request.
Additional Information:No additional information.
Attachments:Land Use and Zoning Map.pdfLand Use and Zoning Map.pdfFuture Land Use Map.pdfFuture Land Use Map.pdfSite design for 38 new SFR lots.pdfSite design for 38 new SFR lots.pdf