October 10, 2017

I. DRIVEWAY VARIANCE - 6015 CARIBOU DRIVE: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Driveway Variance - 6015 Caribou Drive'

Approval is requested to deny the request for variance to allow driveway access to Forrest Road from 6015 Caribou Drive. The City is expending approximately $7.0 million on widening and improving traffic flow along this section of Forrest Road. Approval of these types of requests for access would negate the improvements being made. This particular parcel is located approximately 150 ft. from Lansing Avenue and could create conflict for the intersection.

II. PURCHASES:Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Purchase Authorizations'

Approval is requested of items "A" thru "J": III. PRESENTATION AND UPDATE:

- - Williams Road/Fortson Road Traffic Improvement Update, Donna Newman, Engineering Director

Bid Advertisements
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October 18, 2017
1. Watershed Fertilization (Annual Contract) – RFB No. 18-0012
Scope of RFB October 20, 2017
October 25, 2017
1. Office Supplies (Annual Contract) – RFB No. 18-0009
Scope of RFB 2. Tree Maintenance Services (Annual Contract) – RFB No. 18-0013
Scope of RFB
Provide supervision, labor, tools, equipment and services required for tree maintenance services on an “as needed” basis for Columbus Consolidated Government Urban Forestry and Beautification Division. The term of the contract shall be for two (2) years, with the option to renew for three (3) additional twelve-month periods.

3. Commercial Internal Freezer Unit and Cooler Unit for Muscogee County Prison – RFB No. 18-0015
Scope of RFB
The Columbus Consolidated Government (the City) is seeking vendors to provide a commercial internal freezer unit and cooler unit for use in the Muscogee County Prison.

November 1, 2017
1. Columbus Martin Luther King Trail – RFB No. 18-0018
Scope of RFB