June 24th, 2015

Lake Oliver Marina

12:00 noon
Members Present: Carl Brown, Vanessa Jackson, Derrick Greene, Andre Dye

Members Absent: Tracy Belt, Willie Dickerson, Andre Dye, Mike Peacock

City Staff Present: James Worsley, Teresa Snellings, Becky Glisson, Tommy Groce, Shelley Tippens, Millie Del Toro

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by James Worsley at 12:15

Roll was taken.

The Board did not have a quorum at the meeting today and therefore the minutes of the last
meeting were unable to be approved.

James asked Becky to provide him with a listing of board members and their attendance schedules.

Director/Staff Update

Millie DelToro (Community Schools): July 8th is a Career Day for children. It is at Comer Center from 8am to 12pm. The Board will receive invitations.

Shelley Tippens (Community Schools): Camp is going well. On Wednesdays a group of boys go to Pine Mountain for nature trails, fishing, etc. usually about 10 boys.

They have partnered with Columbus College for a Stem Camp.

Teresa Snellings: (Recreation Services): Summer Block parties are underway with the Urban League. Fluellen has one tomorrow and Carver Park on July 9th and 29th Street on July 29th. On July 28th Ameri Group is having a Back to School Back Pack Block Party.

Tomorrow we will have a table at the Young Professional event at the Columbus Museum.

Becky Glisson (Finance): The budget is ending next week for the fiscal year. We will have a report for you when the final budget is complete. Our Budget Analyst is new and we are doing year end matters so we have not had the opportunity to get her to come to our meetings. We will do so soon.

The Natatorium is doing great! Participation has increased substantially and so has revenue. When the budget closes, I will give update as to revenue.

James Worsley: (Director): Council approved the RSVP grant for the next fiscal year. There were also 20 other grants on the agenda and we had the Boxwood grant for our department. It was also approved.

We also received awards that some of staff will be attending the banquets to receive these awards.

NACO awards were the Spanish Club and the TR Inclusive Garden Program and NACPRO awards were for the Ma Rainey House. The City of Columbus has also been names as a Playful City USA. We are proud of all of these awards.

Tommy Groce (Park Services): We are down another lawn mower. It is approximately $900 to have it repaired. We are trying to stay on schedule as best we can without the proper equipment.

We have a large tournament at South Commons and Northside this weekend.

Updates from the Board:

There were no updates from the board members.

With no further discussion, the meeting was adjourned.

Our next meeting will be July 29th at the Columbus Aquatic Center.

Meeting 12:41 pm.

Becky Glisson
Recording Secretary