Columbus Consolidated Government

Community Development Advisory Council
Called Meeting Minutes
January 27, 2015

A called meeting of the Community Development Advisory Council (CDAC), was held at the Columbus Consolidated Government, Citizens Service Center, in the Community Room, 3111 Citizens Way, on January 27, 2015.

Members Present: Clementine Cochran, Gladys J. Ford, Jack Hayes, Kim Jenkins, Charles H. McDaniel, Carla Thomas

Members Absent: Adrian Chester, Gloria Enfinger, Christy Lemieux,
Colin T. Martin, Tremaine Reese, Zaki Shahid,
Olive Vidal-Kendall Also Present: David Arrington, Deborah Meadows, Denise McWhorter


Chairperson Jack Hayes called the meeting to order. There was not a quorum present, so no official business was conducted.

Deputy City Manager David Arrington, spoke to the members present about funding for organizations that applied for Fiscal Year 2016. At today’s meeting, eleven (11) of the twelve (12) organizations which applied for Fiscal Year 2016 CDBG and HOME funding are scheduled to give presentations to the Community Development Advisory Council (CDAC). One organization is unable to be here to present today, but is an organization we have funded for the past few years. Each member present was given a handout with the staff recommendations for Fiscal Year 2016 funds.

At the end of the presentations, members present turned in their score sheets. Because there wasn’t a quorum no official business could be conducted. Hopefully we will have a quorum at the called meeting in February 2015 and members can make their recommendations on the Fiscal Year 2016 funds allotments to be included in the Fiscal Year 2016 budget process. Recommendations will be given to the City Council for their approval.

There will be another called meeting of the Community Development Advisory Council (CDAC), in February 2015.

A meeting notice will be sent well in advance of the February 2015 meeting.