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Subject: (REZN-12-16-2472) Request to amend the text of the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) in regards to The Stormwater & Floodplain Programs in section 8.4

Revisions: These revisions were requested by the Georgia Department of Environmental Protection Division. These changes will update and/or delet the defintions of best management practices, design professional, final stabilization, lake, operator, pond, primary permittee, project, propertly designed, qualified personnel, secondary permittee, site development permit, slope soil and water conservation district, stream buffer and wetlands. Change to the education and certification section of 8.4.8.

Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

REZN-12-16-2472 Erosion 2016_CNCL SR.pdfREZN-12-16-2472 Erosion 2016_CNCL SR.pdfREZN-12-16-2472 Erosion 2016_CNCL SR.docxREZN-12-16-2472 Erosion 2016_CNCL SR.docx