April 13, 2015

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Water Commissioners of Columbus, Georgia was held at the office of the Columbus Water Works on Monday, April 13, 2015, at 1:30 p.m., the following Commissioners being present:

Carole Rutland, Chair
Karl Douglass, Treasurer
Reynolds Bickerstaff
Sanders Griffith

Absent: Mayor Teresa Tomlinson

Mayor Tomlinson was excused from the meeting.

Receipt of the Minutes of the regular meeting on March 9, 2015, was acknowledged by the Board and approved as written.

The Financial Report for the month of March including Ft. Benning was provided to the Board. Motion was made and seconded to approve the reports. Motion carried.

Linda Sanders gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Customer Service/Monthly Meter Reading:

Monthly Meter Reading Conversion Project

Several changes have been made in the Customer Service Department in preparation for the anticipated increase of customer inquiries during the months of April and May as we change over to monthly meter reading.

Communication Process:

The following items have been implemented:

The Board acknowledged Ms. Sanders’ report.

Stacy Barnes gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Meter Maintenance Department:

Service Order Performance Metrics

Customer Requests

The following represents the “Most Requested Service Orders” for the department with corresponding completion targets. Our overall goal is to meet our target completion rates at a minimum of 90% for all customer requests.

# Of Request
# Completed on Time
% Completed on Time
Connection (24 hours)
Disconnects (24 hours)
Final Reads (24 hours)
Rereads (36 hours)
Meter Leaks (40 hours)

Work Order Trend

Work Orders Completed by Meter Maintenance

Non-Payment Disconnects 570
Unauthorized Usage – Meters Pulled 183
Meter/Street Leak Request 262
Misc. Orders (Connects, Disconnects, Rereads, General Maint.) 3,452
Total Numbers of Work Orders Completed 4,467

Average = 5,077

Automated Meter Reading

The Board acknowledged Mr. Barnes’ report.

Kevin White gave a brief update on the following activities conducted in the Engineering Department:

Malone Range North

Powergrid Switchgear

Jeremy Cummings gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Field Services:

Cusseta Road Bridge

Vic Burchfield gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Information Services, Environmental Compliance and Water Quality Management Departments:

Information Services

CIS Requirements and Vendor Selection Project

CWW kicked off its CIS Requirements Definition and Vendor Selection project in January. CWW’s goals in a new CIS are to achieve Process Efficiency Gains, Productivity Improvements and Enhance Customer Service.

Requirements Definition

Vendor Selection

Monthly Meter Reading Conversion Setup

Environmental Compliance

Industrial Pretreatment Permitted Users Meeting

On January 30, 2015, CWW hosted an Industrial Pretreatment Permitted Users meeting to review the permit renewal and application process and the changes made to the upcoming permit. The meeting was well attended. This meeting helps tremendously in reducing the number of questions that arise during the permit renewal process and helps maintain good relations with the industries in Columbus. Permits are good for five years.

Backflow Prevention Exam

On February 19, 2015, CWW sponsored and hosted a State Exam for the certification of Backflow Prevention. Members of the ECD proctored the State Exam for the eight individuals who were taking the test. Most of those taking the exam were from CWW and the City of Columbus. The exam has a written portion that consists of 100 questions with a minimum score of 70 to pass. If the individual passes the written part of the exam, they must then pass a hands-on portion. The hands-on part of the exam requires them to successfully test three devices: a Pressure Vacuum Breaker, a Double Check and a Reduced Pressure Assembly.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water Laboratory Alliance (WLA)

WQM participated in a training session covering Water Laboratory Alliance (WLA) - Response Plan for handling emergency, natural or manmade disasters. The WLA is an EPA group that provides the Water Sector with an integrated nationwide network of laboratories. The Water Laboratory Alliance Response Plan (WLA-RP) is designed to assist WLA member laboratories with improving laboratory preparedness for response to natural, intentional, or unintentional water contamination incidents.

The Board acknowledged Mr. Burchfield’s report.

Becky Butts gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Communication, Security, Community and Corporate Events:



Community & Corporate Events
Savonne Monell gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Strategic Planning and Employee Services:

Strategic Planning 2015 Mid-Cycle Review

The Cunningham Center for Leadership Development (CCLD) at Columbus State University facilitated CWW’s Mid-Cycle Review of the current five-year Strategic Plan.
The three planning sessions were designed to build on each previous session:

Employee Services

Program and Training Activities:

3rd Quarter Personnel Actions: John Peebles gave a brief update on the following activities conducted by Water Resource Operations and Managed Maintenance:

Quarterly Flow Comparison

North Columbus Water Resources Facility Solids Dewatering

ZAPS Water Quality Monitoring

SCWRF Methane Gas Holding Cover

Emory E. Blount, Secretary