AUGUST 6, 2015
Executive Board Meeting Minutes
Columbus Public Library, Wade Meeting Room

KCBC Board Members Attending: Jason Cooper, Herman Lewis Jr., and Terry Fike

KCGBC Board Members Attending: Bill Consoletti, Sherrylrae Wicker and Julie Bray

KCBC Staff: Gloria Weston-Smart.

Gloria stated that the purpose of the meeting was to review the agenda for the August 11, 2015 Orientation / Commissioners Meeting which will be held at Columbus Consolidated Government (CCG) Citizen Service Center.

Gloria stated that KCGBC Treasurer, Frazer Loomis informed her that she would not be able to continue to serve on the board due to increased work assignments and caring for her farther. Gloria stated that she asked Herman Lewis Jr. to consider serving as KCGBC Treasurer. During the meeting Commissioner Lewis consented to serve as Treasurer, and the present Executive Board members confirmed the vote.

Gloria stated that the CB&T and SunTrust bank signature forms could not be updated until after the officers for KCBC and KCGBC are confirmed during the August 11, 2015 meeting. Bill Consoletti requested to have two signature lines on the SunTrust checking account as it is on the CB&T account. Gloria suggested having executive board members from KCBC and KCGBC on the SunTrust and CB&T account, also KCGBC staff, Ava Dixon will be listed.

Gloria reviewed the KCGBC FY 2015-16 Proposed Budget ($55,296) by line item. She stated that the SunTrust (non-profit) account had less than $10,000 to start the year (enough to sustain operations for 90 days). Most of the money that was in the account was paid to CCG for KCBC portion of Gloria’s insurance and pension. Also, CCG withheld the June appropriation check in the amount of $4,154.50 which resulted in an overdraft payment of $37.00 to CB&T. Gloria stated that it’s important for every board member to support the Commission by becoming a member at $25 or more and encourage at least 10 other family members or friends to also become a member. She also stressed the importance of each Commissioner’s participation in the 2015 Shoe Recycling Campaign. We need to meet our goal of collecting 30,000 pair off shoes to earn $10,000. Gloria stated that CCG Public Works Budget included her salary only, no, travel, cell phone or dues for Keep America Beautiful, Keep Georgia Beautiful nor any local environmental organization membership dues.

Gloria stated that a grant requests for $25,000 was submitted to the Mildred Miller Fort Foundation to support a Community-wide PR campaign to promote the use of biodegradable trash bags. Also a $20,000 grant request was submitted to Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley (CFCV) Knight Foundation Fund to support staff salary. Neither of the two grants are listed in the proposed budget.

Gloria stated that the By-Laws for both KCGBC and KCBC need to revised due to the Executive Director’s position becoming a staff of Columbus Consolidated Government. She suggested that members of KCBC and KCGBC Executive Board serve as the committee to review and revise the By-Laws. Also, Pat Beigler, Public Works Director would like for the Commission to establish a Sustainability Committee to assist in developing and implementing environmental sustainable projects/programs. To start the process, Gloria will review the By-Laws, and highlight suggested changes for the committee consider. The draft revisions will be submitted to CCG Attorney before they are submitted for Council approval.

The August 11, 2015 Meeting Agenda was reviewed with no changes.


LUNCH (12 Noon- 12:30pm)