Let’s have the staff to look into creating a citizens accountability committee and look at it from the standpoint of the discretionary fund money to include some of these projects that we are working on. This would allow the committee to look into these projects and advise the Council on some of these decisions with regards to the projects on the priority list and where it should be on that priority list, as well as, understanding how we are going to utilize these funds. (Request of Councilor Davis and Barnes)

Have the staff to research to find out if we are pre-empted by State law from creating our own oversight committee; however, the Administration may be able to create an advisory committee related to the discretionary funds. (Request of Mayor Tomlinson)



Have the staff to provide the information presented regarding MercyMed on CCG-TV. (Request of Councilor Barnes)
*** *** ***


Have the staff to start looking at a contingency fund in the future with respect to the riverbank and the areas that need improvement along the Riverwalk. (Request of Councilor Davis) There are some other areas that are damaged further down along the Riverwalk that also need improvements, Let’s have the staff to take a look at the rest of the Riverwalk. (Request of Councilor Davis)
*** *** ***


When staff brings forth these TSPLOST Projects, provide a copy of the RFP, if it is available, or some direction as to where the information or plans for spending the money on the project could be found. (Request of Councilor Thomas)

Provide additional information on the three TSPLOST projects listed on the City Manager’s Agenda. (Request of Mayor Tomlinson)

Since these are voter approved projects, let’s have the staff to put the projects that are underway on the website in one location so the citizens, as well as, the members of Council would have access to it and provide a running update every quarter on where we are with each one of the projects. (Request of Councilor Henderson)

Have staff to bring forth some hard criteria or data on how we are going to implement the decision on which project requests receive access to these TSPLOST funds. (Request of Councilor Henderson)

Let’s have the staff to pull all of the prior presentations that outlined the phasing of the projects, the project designs, the oversight committee and their roles, as well as the Council’s role. (Request of Mayor Tomlinson) Also, provide a booklet that has a tab for each of the projects to include documentation on the submission made to the roundtable, powerpoint presentations, etc. (Request of Mayor Pro Tem Turner Pugh and Mayor Tomlinson) Compile all of the information that has been discussed during this meeting in a packet. (Request of Councilor Davis)
*** *** ***


Let’s make sure that staff provides each member of the Golf Course Authority with a copy of the Report of Findings and Recommendations that has been presented. (Request of Councilor McDaniel)

Have the staff schedule a work session to discuss the options and where we are with regards to Oxbow Meadows going from nine holes to eighteen holes, as well as, the clubhouse at Bull Creek Golf Course. (Request of Mayor Tomlinson)

Also, have staff to provide the previous plans and funding options for eighteen holes at Oxbow Meadows Golf Course. (Request of Councilor Woodson)

Copies submitted to the following on April 2, 2013

Mayor Tomlinson
City Manager Hugley
City Attorney Fay

Sandra T. Davis
Deputy Clerk of Council
The Council of Columbus, Georgia