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Applicant:St. Francis Hospital, Inc./Rick Lowe
Owner:St. Francis Hospital, Inc.
Location4024 Acacia Drive
Acreage:0.289 acres
Current Zoning Classification:SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)
Proposed Zoning Classification:RO (Residential Office)
Current Use of Property:Single Family Residence
Proposed Use of Property:Parking Lot
Council District:District 8 (McDaniel)
Planning Advisory Commission's Recommendation:Conditional Approval based on the fact that the request is compatible with existing land uses. The recommended conditions are:
Off-Site Parking shall be permitted for distances in excess of 500 feet to allow St. Francis Hospital to shuttle employees back and forth to the Columbus Airport, 3250 W. Britt David Road, Columbus, GA 31907.

St. Francis Hospital shall maintain an off-site parking agreement for a minimum of 511 parking spaces until permanent parking is established On-site on the St. Francis Hospital campus, including the area to be rezoned, all as shown on Exhibit “A” attached hereto (hereinafter referred to as the “Campus”) and on any other property within the area of the Campus that has been subsequently rezoned for such parking purposes, or until the additional parking provided for under the off-site parking agreement is no longer needed as determined by the Traffic Engineering Manager.

The Traffic Engineering Manager and the Inspections and Code Enforcement Director shall check the normal daily parking demand for St. Francis Hospital after the 2013 building project reaches 95% occupancy. The parking demand may be checked subsequently on six (6) month intervals to determine if the On-site parking capacity for St. Francis Hospital within the Campus and any other property within the area of the Campus that has been rezoned for St. Francis Hospital parking purposes meets the normal parking demand.

Should said parking surveys determine that there is adequate parking on the Campus and any other property within the area of the Campus that has been rezoned for such parking purposes upon completion of on-site parking, the Traffic Engineering Manager, with concurrence from the Inspections and Code Enforcement Director, is authorized to notify St. Francis Hospital in writing that the off-site parking agreement is no longer needed.
Planning Departments Recommendation:Conditional Approval based on the fact that the request is compatible with existing land uses. The Planning Department recommends the same conditions as those recommended by the Planning Advisory Commission and one additional condition as follows:

5. Developer shall implement and maintain a landscape plan as shown in Exhibits A and B below prepared by Gullatte Landscape Architecture and said landscape plan shall include large shade or screening trees along all property lines of property subject to rezoning. Said landscape plan is hereby incorporated by reference.
Fort Benning's Rcommendation:N/A.
DRI Rcommendation:N/A.
General Land Use:Inconsistent
Planning Area D
Land Use Designation:
Single Family Residential
Environmental Impacts:The property does not lie within the floodway and floodplain area. The developer will need an approved drainage plan prior to issuance of a Site Development permit, if a permit is required.
City Services:Property is served by all city services.
Traffic Impact:This rezoning request does not anticipate generating a negative impact on the transportation network.

This site shall meet the Codes and regulations of the Columbus Consolidated Government for commercial usage.
Surrounding Zoning:North –SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)/RO (Residential Office)
South – SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)/RO (Residential Office)/NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
East – SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)/RO (Residential Office)/RMF2 (Residential Multifamily 2)
West – SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)/RO (Residential Office)
Reasonableness of RequestThe request is compatible with existing land uses.
School ImpactN/A.
Buffer RequirementsThe site shall include a Category C buffer along all property lines bordered by the SFR3 zoning districts. The 3 options under Category C are:
1) 20 feet with a certain amount of canopy trees, under story trees, and shrubs / ornamental grasses per 100 linear feet.
2) 10 feet with a certain amount of shrubs / ornamental grasses per 100 linear feet and a wood fence or masonry wall.
3) 30 feet undisturbed natural buffer.
Attitude of Property Owners:Twenty Five (25) property owners within 300 feet of the subject properties were notified of the rezoning request. The Planning Department has not received any comments in regards to this case.
Additional Information:The purpose of this rezoning request is to build a 380 employee parking lot for St. Francis Hospital, 15 of those spaces will be located within this lot. All other spaces are already rezoned or in the process of being rezoned (REZN-4-13-1799, REZN-07-13-2614 and REZN-8-13-2817). This parking area will be used from Monday thru Friday dayshift only in order to provide convenient parking for St. Francis’ patients and their families.

The Traffic Engineering Department and Planning Department reviewed the parking study provided by St. Francis Hospital and determined that there is a need for an additional 511 spaces that could be resolved by keeping the off-site/share parking agreement that they currently have with the Columbus Airport and St. Francis Hospital, Inc.

The enclosed map labeled St. Francis Hospital Properties Map shows the properties owned by St. Francis Hospital including the main campus.
Attachments:Aerial Land Use Map
Future Land-Use Map
Exhibit “A”
Concept Plan
Landscaping Plans (A and B)
St. Francis Hospital Properties Map
Traffic Analysis

Exhibit A - St Francis Hospital Campus.pdfST FRANCIS-WOODRUFF ROAD LAYOUT-K#2.pdfSt Francis Properties Map.pdfSite Plan.pdfREZN-8-13-2817 Traffic Analysis.pdfLandscaping Plans_9-16-13_ALL.pdfLand Use Map.pdfFuture Land Use.pdf