The following Commission members were present for the entire meeting.


Mr. Winfield G. Flanagan, Chairman December 31, 2018
Mr. Kerry W. Hand, Vice Chairman December 31, 2017
Mr. Thomas G. O. Forsberg, Treasurer December 31, 2015
Mr. Carl Rhodes, Jr. December 31, 2019
Mr. Chris Badcock December 31, 2016

Staff members present:

Richard C. Howell, A.A.E., Airport Director
W. Donald Morgan, Jr., Legal Counsel
Mary Scarbrough, Secretary
Sonya Hollis, Marketing Manager
Jennifer Wright, Restaurant Manager
Eric Trivett, Maintenance Manager
Terry Blaxton, Public Safety
Charles Golden, Public Safety
Lorrie Brewer, Chief Accountant

Others present:

Marvin Brown, FAA; Launa DesPortes, CSG Aviation; Richard DesPortes, Speedbird Aero; Robert Boehnlein, Columbus Aero Service; Matt Hinkle, Steven Hewlett, Cham Watkins, John Walden, III, Jack Wright, Dorinda Morpeth, Perry Thomason


Mr. Winfield Flanagan called the November 24, 2015 Columbus Airport Commission Meeting to order and welcomed attendees.


Motion by Mr. Kerry Hand to approve the minutes for the October 28, 2015 meeting; seconded by Mr. Thomas Forsberg and unanimously approved by the Commission.
Ayes: 5 / No: 0


Mr. Richard Howell reported the Columbus Airport Commission adopted its Employee Manual on August 27, 2014. It was passed to staff that the plan was to amend the Employee Manual on an annual basis as needed. Amendment 2 was presented for adoption.

Staff recommends adopting amendment 2 with an effective date of November 24, 2015.

Motion by Mr. Thomas Forsberg to adopt Amendment 2 of the original Columbus Airport Employee Manual was made: seconded by Mr. Chris Badcock and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 5 / No: 0


Mr. Howell stated the Columbus Consolidated Government has advised that the employee contribution to the CCG’s health care plan will be increasing by one half percent to all employees in January 2016. As a result, City Council approved a one half percent pay increase for all CCG employees. While it is now a Columbus Airport Commission practice not to award across-the-board salary increases, in the past the Commission has followed CCG regarding compensation increases to offset health care expenses levied on employees. Staff has reviewed the matter and determines that the annual additional salary cost, at present pay rates, is approximately $9,000.00.

Staff recommends approving increase effective January 1, 2016.

Motion by Mr. Kerry Hand to approve a one half percent compensation increase for all Columbus Airport Employees was made: seconded by Mr. Thomas Forsberg and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 5 / No: 0


Mr. Richard Howell reported the Columbus Airport Commission historically has collected little from the taxicab operators servicing the Columbus Airport. The Fiscal Year 2016 budget identified approximately $3,500.00 in annual revenue from taxicab operators or approximately .002% of collected revenue. The reason for the amount is 1) we only collect taxi pickup at the airport. No system is in place for vehicles dropping passengers, and 2) the voluntary system in place for payment of $0.75 from each taxi operator picking up is ineffectual in that any cab may drive around the swing arm where the collection takes place and taxis queue up in other areas that have no collections measures at all. Through observation we believe the number of taxis using the airport amounts to approximately $0.50 per taxi per visit. The Taxicab Commission lists seventeen cab companies with approximately one hundred and sixty vehicles. Taxi fees are set by the Columbus Municipal code. However, the code states the Columbus Airport fee is set by the Columbus Airport Commission. As an example, a trip to Ft. Benning would cost about $25.00. All taxicab companies must enter into a concession agreement with the Columbus Airport Commission for the privilege to access Commission property. The annual privilege fee for this access would be $120.00. Each taxicab operating on the Commission property must display a Commission-issued sticker on their vehicle. Stickers will be valid for six months at a cost of $3.50 per month or $42.00 per year per cab. Initial revenue projections for all seventeen companies and one hundred cabs participating is approximately $6,200.00 per year. Enforcement measures will be developed with input from Public Safety and Counsel. Upon Commission approval, the Marketing Manager will arrange communications with the cab companies and meet with the operators. Anticipated implementation date is March 1, 2016.

Staff recommends adoption.

Motion by Mr. Thomas Forsberg to adoption of the implementation of permitting process for all Taxicabs using CSG was made: seconded by Mr. Carl Rhodes, Jr. and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 5 / No: 0


Mr. Howell stated St. Francis Hospital has leased parking spaces from the Columbus Airport Commission in the Legacy parking lot since 2013. The agreement ran out the first part of 2015. St. Francis requested a new agreement with terms where they only pay if they use the premises. The hospital requests to pay $1.00 per month to hold the parking spaces and $1,750.00 per month when they actually park vehicles in the area. Lessee must provide thirty day notice to begin using the lot. All other provisions of our standard lease apply with the exception that late fees will only come due on payments when the Lessee actually parks on the premises. No annual revenue projection is available.

Staff recommends approval.

Motion by Mr. Thomas Forsberg to adopt the Lease Agreement for the Parking Area for
St. Francis Hospital was made: seconded by Mr. Kerry Hand and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 5 / No: 0


The Commission Chairman Mr. Flanagan confirmed Mr. Forsberg has agreed to serve one more term on the Columbus Airport Commission Board.

Mr. Flanagan stated that Mr. Thomas Forsberg and Mr. Carl Rhodes, Jr. will be on the Nominating Committee for the Columbus Airport Commission Officers for 2016, reporting back at the January 2016 meeting.

Mr. Flanagan inquired if the acceptance of Mr. Forsberg and Mr. Rhodes, Jr. on the Nominating Committee would require a motion?

Mr. Don Morgan confirmed no motion would be necessary, as this would be The Commission’s appointment.


Mr. Howell reported the General Aviation Committee has had several changes and he feels it is important to have an active committee.

Mr. Carl Rhodes, Jr. asked how many current members are there on the General Aviation Committee and how often do they meet?

Mr. Howell stated the Bylaws require the GA Committee attend and have quarterly meetings with five members, one member being a Commissioner.

Mr. Rhodes asked if Mr. Howell or the Commission has spoken to anyone who has been interested in chairing the GA Committee.

Mr. Chris Badcock stated that Mr. Michael Greenblatt or others in the General Aviation may be interested in chairing the GA Committee.

Mr. Howell said there would be communication sent out to all Tenants regarding the GA Committee.

Mr. Rhodes, Jr. agreed this would be a good idea, to see who is interested and would like to join the committee.

Mr. Flanangan asked if there were any other comments or suggestions regarding the GA Committee and stated there would an update provided at the next Commission Meeting.


Mr. Howell introduced Ms. Lorrie Brewer in providing a financial update for the month.
Ms. Lorrie Brewer provided the following financial update.

The Airport sustained an overall loss of $9,925 with an adjusted net profit (without depreciation, amortization, grant or PFC revenues) of $50,658 in October. Year over year it amounts to loss of approximately 12% in comparison to October of last year in which we had an adjusted net profit of $57,046 (see Summary of Airport Revenues & Expenses).

Fuel sales and flowage fees were down approximately $3K compared to last year largely due to the decrease in fuel flowage fees of $2K. Concession fees were down by $19K compared to last year this time. Accrued rents from the rental car agencies were used at the time of closing and are reflected in the decrease in concession fees for the month. Depreciation expense was increased by $27K over last year due to the final number being received from the auditors and will continue to show the same increase for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Propellers will present their own reports. The Flightways report will be submitted with the agenda.

Compared to this month last year, labor and benefits expenses were down approximately $14K; repairs and maintenance expenses were down significantly by $16K; utilities and other services expenses were up around $9K; insurance costs down slightly and administrative expenses were down by around $2K over last year.

Tenants Past Due 60 Days or More: See report with financials.

Update on Airport Improvement Project 39:
AIP 39—Construct Airport Perimeter Fencing & Wildlife Hazard Management:
Grant Balance: $651,903.

Cash flow was positive for the month (see the Cash Flow Summary); however, the City did not send us the payroll invoices for the month until the end of the month, resulting in a significant increase in payables for the month.

Ms. Jennifer Wright provided the following update on Propellers.
Mr. Howell provided the following wildlife update.

November 16, 2015, a coyote was located near Taxiway C-2. The coyote was killed and removed by Public Safety.

November 12, 2015, two deer’s were reported. Public Safety responded and deer were not found.

November 13, 2015, while Public Safety was doing a sweep, a dead dove was found on Runway 24 and removed.

Public Safety Officers are continuing to do sweeps and respond to any and all wildlife calls.

Public Safety has placed trail/game motion detection cameras in the wooded areas at the retention pond and behind Legacy. The camera SIM card is checked regularly, at this time we have no footage of wildlife. The motion detective cameras are aggressing and taking care of the wildlife issues.

Mr. Howell stated that Chief Chadwick plans to have a Wildlife Advisory Meeting in December 2015. Ms. Sonya Hollis will provide the information regarding the Wildlife Advisory Meeting and an invitation for the meeting will be emailed to all tenants.

Mr. Howell received comments from Tenants asking the Commission’s consideration with the last survey regarding the hangars. As we move forward in 2016 with our hangar survey as we will take into consideration the age of the hangars, being a factor with the hangar pricing with fair market value.

Mr. Howell reported the contractor has had some problems with the Fence Project, and has asked for another extension to December 17, 2015. Some additional time is needed on the RS&H work order for the resident inspector and the contract management services totaling approximately $12,000.00 increase. The gates and gate controllers are being added for the final completion of the project.

The design project for the crack seal project and painting has been approved by the FAA on Runway 6/24. This project will be put out for bids. Once the bids are in hand the FAA will provide the money, the project will be complete by April 30, 2015. The Commission will be providing the additional cost.

There are some issues on Runway 6 safety area, the grade exceeds the standards going toward the mall. The FAA would like us to do this project too, which will take place after the crack seal project. This will bring things up to standard on the runway.

Plans and updates on Runway 13/31 project, we will be using GDOT funds for work with a seventy-five/twenty-five split. The big question at hand will be the type of lights, putting in new runway signs, and reviewing our local share. The project is estimated to cost about $2,200,000.00, and our twenty-five percent share will be about $600,000.00. .

Mr. Howell reported Ms. Amber Clark, the new FBO Manager will begin at Flightways Columbus on Monday, November 30, 2015. On December 5, 2015 there will be an event at Flightways Columbus to welcome Ms. Clark. Also, we will be offering a thirty percent decrease to local tenants for fuel off the retail cost for one week. This will provide sixty cents off per each gallon retail.

Mr. Kerry Hand inquired with the two to three inches of rain and flooding issues in the past, if the ground has held up good with the fence project. What about the concerns with the wildlife.

Mr. Howell said yes, the maintenance staff brought to my attention my arrival here in 2013 the issues with the fence and running water. One of the first things I did was change the design of the project not to follow the existing fence line, and cutting out the areas where we had those (water) issues. The design solves most of not all of our issues.

Mr. Flanagan reported the fence looks good on the property.

Mr. Howell stated the fence and gates do look nice, and once the one repair is done there should not be any problems with wildlife.


Mr. Matt Hinkle stated he had attended a Commission Meeting a couple months ago, as a spokesman on behalf of the Columbus Fuel Club, we were looking at purchasing a fuel farm, and getting a ground lease at the airport. Is there an update on the Fee Schedule and the fuel pricing?

Mr. Flanagan said that currently we are awaiting Ms. Clark, the new FBO Manager to begin for further updates on these matters.

Discussion of fuel pricing from questions from the floor began.

Mr. Hinkle said so you have not made a decision on your fuel prices? There is a pretty big gap on the fuel prices? We don’t expect the same price as another airport just kind of a small difference in the cost per gallon.

Mr. Howell reported that after reviewing fuel cost the last three months, profit vary here from seventy cents to $1.12 per gallon. Whether that is too low or high will be one of Ms. Clark’s projects to research.

Mr. Hand told Mr. Hinkle to please come and welcome Ms. Clark on December 5, 2015.

Mr. Hinkle said he doesn’t come to meeting because he wants to provide bad information but, because he cares about the airport. Such as the hangar increases I have not complained one bit about it. If you lower the fuel cost you will increase your traffic and keep the airport active with local customers. The fuel prices are just cost driven.

Mr. Howell said in January 2016 the Fee Schedule and Fuel prices we will be part of the budget discussed.

Ms. Launa DesPortes asked if city employees and Flightways Columbus employees are allowed to be on the property when they are not working. Does the airport take responsibility of any badge holder with Columbus Airport?

Mr. Howell said no there is no restriction for badged individuals to have access on the property. However, along with having a badge, any individual must have a reason to be inside the fence without a reason, and that would be a security issue.

Mr. Mike Scheller asked for Mr. Howell to expand on all three items relating to safety. Two of the items are not there regarding safety.
1) Pressure Switch
2) Photo cell in close proximately

Two safety fixtures installed on each gate.

Mr. Howell stated with photo cell, he has approved and will double check the contract.

Discussion of the wildlife control on the airport property began.

Mr. Howell said the Public Safety Staff daily strive and check out all responses to wildlife. Most habitats gone and we are doing what we can to eliminate the wildlife issues. He addressed Mr. Scheller’s concerns directly and told him he will discuss all the concerns relating to wildlife.

Mr. Scheller says Chief Chadwick says we are hunting the wildlife. Another Wildlife Management Team, no action yet, he has speaking for Synovus and Georgia Crown Distributing as well as Aflac. Where are you in helping us understand the Wildlife Management plans?

Mr. Howell said we are preforming functions every day.

Mr. Howell stated we will be moving forward from here with the wildlife.

Mr. Flanagan asked if there was a motion to cancel the December 2015 Columbus Airport Commission Meeting?

Motion by Mr. Kerry Hand to cancel the December 2015 Columbus Airport Commission Meeting was made: seconded by Mr. Thomas Forsberg and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 5 / No: 0

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 2.56 PM.

____________________________ _____________________________

Mary Scarbrough, Secretary Winfield G. Flanagan, Chairman