Columbus Consolidated Government
Referrals From Mayor and Council - 07/22/2014

DescriptionDuring the Crime Prevention Grant Presentation given by Director Seth Brown, the issue with the local GIRLS, INC. being in a desperate financial situation came up in conversation. Director Brown was asked to look into the Crime Prevention Budget to see if there are any monies available for the City to assist in helping save this facility. (Request of Councilor Woodson)
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Assigned ToSeth Brown, Rick Boren,
ResponseCouncilor Woodson, we currently have around $70,000 left in our budget for use toward programming. Monies are available and if they applied it would go through the process of Board approval and then Council approval. I met today with Mr. Burch and Rev. Phillips to discuss their current situation. They are in the process of trying to get an extension for the deadline with their main office.