September 22, 2015

I. SITE LICENSE AGREEMENT: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Site License Agreement'

Approval is requested to enter into a facility license agreement with Timble Navigation Limited for installation and operation of a Global Navigation Satellite System for a five year period. The installation and utilization of the GNSS will improve the accuracy of the GPS data that is currently being collected and used by the City for inclusion into the GIS system.

II. CONDEMNATION ON PARCEL 7 FOR THE ROUNDABOUT AT FORT BENNING ROAD, CUSSETA ROAD AND BRENNAN ROAD: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Condemnation on Parcel 7 for the Roundabout at Fort Benning Road, Cusseta Road and Brennan Road'

Approval is requested for the acquisition of Parcel 7, 3737 Cusseta Road for the Roundabout at Fort Benning Road, Cusseta Road, and Brennan Road, Muscogee County totaling 33,159.612 sq. ft. +/- for the Required Right of Way and 7,397.757 sq. ft. +/- for a Permanent Easement for County Road and/or Municipal Street purposes, and authorizing the filing of a Declaration of Taking. This project is funded 100% with City Funds. The City will be responsible for service and upkeep after completion of the project.

III. EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT PERFORMANCE AGREEMENT GRANT: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Emergency Management Performance Agreement Grant Award Application'

Approval is requested to enter into an agreement with Georgia Emergency Management Agency that will return $56,956 to the City of Columbus for operating expenses of the Emergency Management Division of the Columbus Fire and Emergency Medical Services. The matching requirements have been met with the salaries of two employees in this division.

IV. PURCHASES: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Purchase Authorizations'

Approval is requested of items "A" thru "C":

A. John Deere 444K Articulated Loader and 644K Wheel Loader - Florida Sheriff's Association Contract
B. 60 Ft Bucket Truck with Chip Body - National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) Contract
C. Aggressive Back-Up Plan for RMS Project


- - Tyler Technologies Update
John Williams, Deputy Chief Appraisal

- - Cell Phone Update
Dr. Forrest Toelle, Information Technology Director

- - Columbus High School Parking Update
Donna Newman, Engineering Director

- - Swimming Pool Update
Dr. James Worsley, Parks and Recreation Director

- - Public Agenda Recommendations
Lisa Goodwin, Deputy City Manager

September 22, 2015
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September 23, 2015