WEDNESDAY, October 15, 2014

Commissioners Present: Paul Pierce, Vice Chair, Felicia Hamilton, Secretary/Treasurer, Charlie Desai, John Miller, and Donna Hix

Commissioners Absent: Dhan Parekh, Chair, Elizabeth Barker, Immediate Past Chair, Ken Johnson, and Shelley Dean

Ex-officios Absent: David Bevans, Bill Bullock, Mike Gaymon, Ross Horner, Isaiah Hugley, and Mayor Teresa Tomlinson, Richard Bishop, Cyndy Cerbin, and Herbert Greene

Staff Present: Peter Bowden, Shelby Guest, Kimberly Kaup, Laura Ruffner, Ashley Woitena,

Call to Order: in the absence of CVB Board Chair Dhan Parekh, Vice Chair Paul Pierce called the meeting to order at 3:30pm.

Approval of Minutes & Treasurer’s Report: As no meeting was held for September (because of a lack of a quorum) Secretary/Treasurer Felicia Hamilton presented the Minutes and Financials for the August 2014 meeting. A motion to approve was made by John Miller and was seconded by Donna Hix. Paul Pierce asked for a vote from the other members and the Minutes were approved. Financials from the August 2014 meeting were presented. The only detailed mentioned was the explanation for the $4,829.02 loss shown for the month and this was due to there being 3, instead of 2, pay periods for August.


Accountability Follow Up: Peter Bowden led the discussion of the follow up to August’s meeting about accountability for the Sports Council and for the CVB’s lead response procedure. CVB staff met immediately after the August Board meeting to discuss this issue and produced an FY 14 convention calendar, as requested by the Board, that was then posted to the Partner Network, an intranet tool that was created some years ago for all CVB partners to use to stay informed about industry related activity. On this network, there is a section called Partner Announcements that houses reports posted by the CVB on a routine basis. The hotel community has the ability to pull this information at any time. Mr. Bowden also went over the response rates of the hotels for Sports and for meeting/conventions, which were both in the 30% response range. After a quick review of the business awarded from the calendar, Board Member John Miller noted that it seemed as if the selected properties were evenly distributed. Similar findings were also reported in the full audit conducted in 2010 by City Auditor, John Redmond. After more discussion, it was suggested to hold a called Board meeting for the expressed purpose of focusing on this issue.

Phenix City Courtyard Hotel MOU: Staff requested that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Phenix City CVB continue as a discussion point of interest.

Peter Bowden asked the Board to then go into Executive Session to discuss a personnel issue.

Recap: The Board reconvened at 5:35 PM and the meeting was adjourned.