O R D I N A N C E S:

(1) 2nd Reading REZN-11-18-2018: An ordinance rezoning property located at 0 Psalmond Road & 7930 Beaver Run Road. The current zoning is RE1 (Residential Estate 1). The proposed zoning is GC (General Commercial) with conditions. The proposed use is commercial property. The Planning Advisory Commission recommends denial and the Planning Department recommends conditional approval. The applicant is Edward French (George Mize). (AS AMENDED) (Councilor Allen)

(2) 2nd Reading - REZN-03-19-0476: An ordinance rezoning property located at 2214 Paddy Avenue. The current zoning is GC (General Commercial). The proposed zoning is SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3). The proposed use is a residential house. The Planning Advisory Commission and the Planning Department recommend approval. The applicant is Evelyn Montgomery. (Councilor Woodson)

(3) 2nd Reading - An Ordinance providing for the establishment of taxing districts, including a county-wide general services district and three (3) urban services districts and three (3) Business Improvement Districts (BID); providing for the levy, assessment, and collection of taxes for Columbus, Georgia within such districts for the year 2019 as provided under the Charter of the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia; providing penalties for violations of the provisions of said ordinance; and for other purposes. (Budget Review Committee)

R E S O L U T I O N S:

(4) A resolution authorizing payment of attorney fees which may be incurred for legal services rendered regarding various City issues during Fiscal Year 2020. (Mayor Pro-Tem Pugh)