May 9, 2017

I. REDEVELOPMENT PROPOSAL FOR CLAFLIN SCHOOL:Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Redevelopment Proposal for Claflin School'

Approval is requested to revise the current lease agreement with Friends of Historic Claflin to allow for the conversion of the school into 44 (*/-) units of affordable housing. Staff is recommending that the lease agreement and any other agreements between the parties be revised as follows:
II. FY18 INMATE CAPACITY AGREEMENT:Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'FY18 MC Prison Inmate Capacity Agreement'
III. STAIR EGRESS ENCROACHMENT OF RIGHT-OF-WAY:Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Stair Egress Encroachment of Right-of-Way'
IV. GEORGIA HIGH DEMAND CAREER INITIATIVE SECTOR PARTNERSHIP CAPACITY BUILDING GRANT PROPOSAL:Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Georgia High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI) Sector Partnership Capacity Building Grant Proposal'

V. PURCHASES: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Purchase Authorizations'

Approval is requested of items "A" thru "M":

- Claflin Update, Laura Johnson, Community Reinvestment Director
- Monthly Finance Update, Angelica Alexander, Finance Director

Bid Advertisements
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May 10, 2017
May 12, 2017 May 26, 2017 Option 1: Daily first-class mail pre-sort services.
Option 2: Seasonal or emergency mailing services for projects exceeding one thousand (1,000) pieces.

May 31, 2017 Provide bulk liquid carbon dioxide to the Columbus Consolidated Government Department of Parks and
Recreation on an “as needed” basis for use at the Columbus Aquatic Center.