Columbus Consolidated Government
Council Memorandum

TO: Mayor and Councilors DATE: 05/08/2018

THRU: Isaiah Hugley, City Manager

FROM: Donna W. Newman, Director of Engineering SUBJECT: Creekrise Subdivision Lot Limitation Variance

Representatives from the City Manager's Office, Engineering Department, Planning Department and City Attorney's Office have been in discussion with Mr. George Mize representing clients that wish to development approximately 143 lots in the Creekrise Subdivision that has a single entrance. This is in conflict with the current UDO Section 7.8.1.F. which gives the Director of Engineering the authority to grant a variance based on sound engineering practices if the property configuration prohibits or makes impractical the installation of two entrances . The Engineering Director has denied their request. There is currently not a variance process for that Section of the UDO if someone disagrees with the decision of the Director of Engineering. Mr. George Mize has spoken with several Councilors regarding this issue and his intent of coming to Council on May 8, 2018 for requesting a variance. Staff is reviewing this requirement to determine if modifications need to be made to the standard or a variance process adopted similar to that of 7.8.3. which was recently adopted by Council. A recommendation will be brought back to Council in the near future.