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Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting


Agenda Report #

TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: Wildwood Avenue - No Parking Anytime Zone

INITIATED BY: Department of Engineering

Recommendation: Approve the attached ordinance enacting a No Parking Anytime Zone 8 AM to 5 PM School Days along the west curb of Wildwood Avenue, beginning at a point 46 feet north of the north curb of Young Street and running north a distance of 200 feet.

Background: The City received complaints from the residents of the Wildwood Condominium about vehicles parking on their side of the street blocking the driveway and causing sight distance restrictions. This issue becomes more critical during the school year when Columbus High students park on street around the school.

Analysis: The Traffic Engineering Division painted white traffic islands on each side of the condo driveway over a year ago to discourage vehicles from parking too close to the driveway. We find that motorists are not complying with this traffic island.

Since the traffic islands are not working, the next logical step is to restrict parking only in front of the condo property. The Traffic Engineering Division submitted a Parking Survey to the residents of the condo giving them several options. The majority of the responses selected the parking restriction described in the attached ordinance. . A summary of the Parking Survey responses is attached as information.

Financial Considerations: The installation of the No Parking Anytime Zone will cost the City approximately $100.00.

Projected Annual Fiscal Impact Statement: There is minimal annual fiscal impact in that should a No Parking Anytime sign be knocked down or damaged, it will be replaced funder by the Traffic Engineering Division’s annual operating budget.

Legal Considerations: A No Parking Anytime Zone requires an ordinance adopted by Council.

Recommendations/ Actions: Approve No Parking Anytime Zone for Wildwood Avenue as described above.