March 13, 2018

I. METRA/TIA ROUTE CHANGES: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'METRA /TIA Route Changes'

Approval is requested authorizing Metra to make changes to various routes effective May 1, 2018. The route changes would reduce the number of service hours on low performing routes, which would result in some cost savings for the City and would help to extend the life of the TIA funding beyond year 2022.

II. ADULT FELONY DRUG COURT: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Adult Felony Drug Court'

Approval is requested to submit an application, and if approved, accept $331,826.00 or as otherwise awarded from the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council for the operation of the Muscogee County Adult Felony Drug Court, from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019 and to amend the Multi-governmental Fund by $331,826.00 or as otherwise awarded. The City is required to provide a 10% cash matching funds ($36,870.00) to participate in this grant program. This cash match is satisfied in the salary and benefits of a current case manager who is paid for by the City ($38,000.00).

III. IMAGE TREND HOSTING: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Image Trend Hosting'

IV. PURCHASES: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Purchase Authorizations'

Approval is requested of items "A" thru "E":

A. Computer Installation/Programming Services for Police Pursuit Vehicles
B. Alternative Fuel and Highway Impact Fees
C. Trophies & Other Miscellaneous Awards (Annual Contract)
D. Water Management Services (Annual Contract)
E. Contract Extension for Mental Health Services for Muscogee County Jail (Annual Contract)

Bid Advertisements
(Schedule opening bid dates)

March 14, 2018 2. Bleachers for Cooper Creek Tennis Center – RFB No. 18-0036
Scope of Bid
The Columbus Consolidated Government is seeking bids from qualified vendors to provide aluminum
bleachers, to include installation on existing concrete bleachers, for the Department of Parks and Recreation’s Cooper Creek Tennis Center.

3. Plotter Printer Services (Annual Contract) – RFB No. 18-0035
Scope of Bid
March 16, 2018
March 21, 2018 March 28, 2018 April 4, 2018