Council Meeting/Budget Review Meeting Schedule For 2014

DatesTimeCouncil Meeting Current Scheduled Meetings
January 75:30pmHealth Insurance Update with EmployeesProclamation/Resolution Session
January 149:00amRegular Council Meeting
January 215:30pmHealth Insurance Update with EmployeesHealth Insurance Update with Employees
January 285:30pmHealth Insurance Update with EmployeesRegular Council Meeting
February 45:30pmHWC Update/Health Insurance
John Redmond
Special Called Council Mtg/
Proclamation/Resolution Session
February 119:00amInformation Session - FY14 Health Insurance Fund Update Regular Council Meeting
February 18 NO MEETING
February 255:30pmHealth Insurance Fund UpdateRegular Council Meeting
March 45:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
March 119:00amFY14 Health Insurance Fund
Regular Council Meeting
March 189:00am Special Call Work Session
FY14 Health Insurance Fund
Special Call Work Session
March 255:30pmLocal State Delegation UpdateRegular Council Meeting
March 289:00amSpecial Call Work SessionSpecial Call Work Session
April 15:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
April 89:00amBudget Review Meeting Directly After Council Mtg.Regular Council Meeting
April 159:00amBudget Review MeetingMeeting
April 222:30pmBudget Review MeetingMeeting
April 225:30pmRegular Council Meeting
April 299:00amBudget Review Meeting
Council Work Session
May 62:30pmBudget Review MeetingMeeting
May 65:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
May 139:00amBudget Review Mtg. Directly After Council MeetingRegular Council Meeting
May 20TBD
Budget Review Meeting-TBD
May 273:00pmBudget Review MeetingMeeting
May 275:30pmRegular Council Meeting
June 33:00pmBudget Review MeetingMeeting
June 35:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
June 109:00amFY15 Budget 1st Reading Regular Council Meeting
June 245:30pmFY15 Budget 2nd ReadingRegular Council Meeting
July 15:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
July 89:00amRegular Council Meeting
July 225:30pmRegular Council Meeting
July 299:00amCouncil Work Session
August 55:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
August 129:00amRegular Council Meeting
August 19 NO MEETING
August 265:30pmRegular Council Meeting
September 25:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
September 99:00amRegular Council Meeting
September 16 NO MEETING
September 235:30pmRegular Council Meeting
September 309amCouncil Work Session
October 75:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
October 149:00amRegular Council Meeting
October 21 NO MEETING
October 285:30pmRegular Council Meeting
November 45:30pmProclamation/Resolution Session
November 119:00amRegular Council Meeting
November 18 NO MEETING
November 255:30pmRegular Council Meeting
December 25:30pmProclamation/Resolution Meeting
December 99:00amRegular Council Meeting
December 16 No Meeting
December 23No Meeting
December 31No Meeting