Recreation Advisory Board

Monthly Meeting


March 25, 2015

Shirley Winston Recreation Center


March 25, 2015

Fluellen Recreation Center

12:00 noon
Members Present: Mike Peacock, Carl Brown, Willie Dickerson, Derrick Greene

Members Absent: Tracy Belt, Irene Pate, Andre Dye, Vanessa Jackson, Bob Johnson

City Staff Present: Teresa Snellings, Becky Glisson, Holli Browder, Tommy Groce, Shelley Tippens, Millie Del Toro

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 12:07.

Roll was taken.

Carl Brown brought it to our attention that the minutes of the last meeting inaccurately reflected board members present and absent from the February meeting.

Becky advised she will change the February minutes and will send them with the March minutes. She also asked that when she sends them out after each meeting that the board check them then and let her know of any mistakes or changes to be made.

There was not a quorum at the meeting so the minutes of the last meeting could not be approved.

Becky also advised that due to the fact that there has been no quorum at the last few meetings that we still cannot approve the minutes from the September, October and January minutes. These will have to be approved when we have a quorum.

Antonio Owens, Director of Shirley Winston Recreation Center, gave a brief overview of the center and the programs and events happening there. He also mentioned that they just planted 100 trees on the campus of the center. Shirley Winston has an exercise program for persons over 40 with about 80 participants both male and female. He invited all of the board to come and participate.

Director/Staff Update

Holli Browder: (Assistant Director) Please check the minutes when you receive them from Becky and if there are any changes, let her know then and she will change them.

Also, spoke on the fact that there were not enough members in the room for a quorum and we have not been able to approve minutes. Please remember the by-laws and if you are not here for three consecutive meetings, please recuse yourself from the board.

Carl Brown asked if minutes could be approved by email and Holli informed him that they could not.

Millie Del Toro: (Community Schools) Spring Break Camp is going good and we have 107 children signed up this year. We are also getting ready for Summer Camp and registration will start on April 20th.

Shelley Tippens: (Community Schools) Nothing further to report.

Becky Glisson: (Finance) Northing further to report.

Teresa Snellings (Recreation Services): We just had the finals to the basketball league we started in house. It went pretty good. We started out with 7 teams but ended up with 6. We are going to try to expand it during the summer. We did not charge a fee last time and had trouble getting officials, etc. We are looking at going back to charging a small fee to take care of those expenses.

The city wide Easter egg hunt is April 4th for ages 1-12 years old. She invites the board to come out to the event.

April 20th the Senior Section is taking a trip to Memphis and Tunica Mississippi.

The Senior Picnic will be May 14 with a rain date of May 21. It will be held at Cooper Creek Park.

Kids in the Park Day is May 16th.

We just held a neighborhood health care joint event with Mercy Med which Fox Community Center. We had it last Thursday and it went very well. This was done for a person in the neighborhood who passed away due to a lack of health care.

Seniors are getting ready for the season of strawberry and peach picking.

Tommy Groce (Park Services): We are right in the growing season. We are doing our best to make sure everything is cut and kept on a good schedule.

In the athletics area, the last of the little leagues open up.
Adult softball has started and they will be playing four nights a week. Senior softball starts on Monday the 30th.

Holli Browder: (Assistant Director) We just had the Empty Bowl event and it was not as successful as last year. We made $7300 which is 43,800 meals. There was another event the week before and weather may have been a factor. We are going to work with that other group and see if we can work together so that our events don’t overlap.

The bids are back on the Columbus Aquatic Center and we have a meeting in the next couple of weeks. We will have to go to Council on this. USA Pools last day is April 27th. If you know anyone that is interested in working for us, please send them our way.

Sorry for the late notice but if you could help us out it would be great. We are applying for the Playful City status and need letters of support from citizens and/or businesses. If you could write a letter for us that would be extremely helpful. They need to be turned in to us by Friday.

Updates from the Board:

Derrick Greene: The City Wide Easter Egg hunt should bring in about 2000 to 3000 children. He looks forward to this event each year and is sure it will be great! He invites the board to come for the event.

Carl Brown: Nothing to report.

Willie Dickerson: Nothing to report.

Mike Peacock: Leagues are starting this week. They are having the usual problem with parking. There are a couple of police officers that come to help out there and the law enforcement presence seems to help a little. Nothing will solve it until parking tickets are given out.

The Board asked him to check on work orders that have been done such as the lights being replaced. This has become a safety issue and if anymore go out they will be in the dark.

Tommy will check on the work order. Tommy also explained about the truck being too big for some things and not being able to be used when it is wet. They have a lot of issues with the truck.

He was asked to check on the work order for the safety fence around the dugouts. They have purchased the materials but the work has not been done.

Tommy will check on this also.

Mike and Tommy had discussion on the work on the fields and what they are doing. Mike also said that the Tball field is being used more as a practice field and the scoreboard came in.

Carl Brown asked whether or not when purchasing the truck was the size not taken into consideration.

Tommy explained that the truck was purchased by Public Works for a lot of different things and they chose the truck best suited for that. It has to be that size for other areas such as Golden Park, Memorial Stadium and South Commons, etc.

Mike Peacock asked Tommy if he knew if they were turfing Kinnett Stadium. Tommy is unsure as we don’t have anything to do with school district items but thinks there is an RFP out.

With no further discussion, a motion was made to adjourn the meeting.

Our next meeting will be April 29th at Pop Austin Recreation Center.

Meeting Adjourned 12:56 pm.

Becky Glisson
Recording Secretary