Agenda Item #
Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting

July 28, 2015

Agenda Report #

TO: Mayor and Councilors

SUBJECT: Lane Striping Configuration on 10th Street due to Two-way Conversion

INITIATED BY: Department of Engineering – Traffic Engineering Division

Recommendation: Approval is requested for a pavement striping and marking plan on 10th Street between 2nd Avenue and 6th Avenue to provide three vehicle lanes, one parking aisle, and two bicycle lanes.

Background: The Columbus Council approved Ordinance No. 14-13 on April 8, 2014 to authorize the conversion of Tenth Street to two-way traffic flow between Front Avenue and 6th Avenue. The Columbus Council also approved Resolution No. 175-14 on May 27, 2014 to adopt an Alternative Transportation Plan (ATP) as created by URS Consulting Engineers. The ATP listed 10th Street as a candidate for a ‘road diet’, and described a road diet as ‘a process in which excess vehicle capacity on a roadway is replaced by a variety of treatments including the provision of alternative transportation facilities’. Tenth Street currently has four westbound vehicle lanes and a parallel parking aisle along the southern curb. The Traffic Engineering Division proposes to re-stripe and re-mark 10th Street between 2nd Avenue and 6th Avenue to provide three vehicle lanes (one eastbound, one westbound, and one center left turn lane), one parallel parking aisle for eastbound vehicles, and eastbound and westbound bicycle lanes. The eastbound bicycle lane will be located between the parallel parking aisle and the southern curb. This proposed lane configuration has been reviewed and approved by Gehl Studios and is endorsed by the Bicycle Columbus Board. A diagram of the proposed configuration is attached.

Analysis: The most recent daily traffic counts on 10th Street indicate approximately 4,200 vehicles east of Veterans Parkway and approximately 3,250 vehicles west of Veterans Parkway. These daily traffic volumes can be easily accommodated with one travel lane in each direction as proposed. The lane configuration also provides greater safety for pedestrian street crossings.

Financial Considerations: All costs to stripe, mark, sign, and signalize this segment of 10th Street for two-way traffic flow are included in the capital project budget.

Projected Annual Fiscal Impact Statement: All costs to maintain the pavement striping and marking, traffic signs, and traffic signals shall come from the Traffic Engineering Division’s annual operating budget.

Legal Considerations: None.

Recommendations/Actions: Approve the proposed lane striping/marking plan for 10th Street.

10th street sections - revised - 1507.pdf