Agenda Item #___________
Columbus Consolidated Government
Council Meeting

Agenda Report # _________

TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: Agenda Report – Ordinance enacting parking zones, loading zones, and ‘No Parking’ zones in the Uptown Business District.

INITIATED BY: Traffic Engineering

Recommendation: Approve an ordinance enacting the following:

Background: Various construction projects and streetscape improvements have been completed in the Uptown Business District since the current parking ordinance was enacted. These projects and improvement altered the on-street parking boundaries to an extent that the current ordinance does not accurately define the existing parking boundaries; therefore, the existing regulations are not able to be enforced with certainty. In preparing this revised ordinance, all existing on-street parking spaces were measured along the curb line to the nearest foot and were referenced from the curb lines of the intersecting streets. Designated parking spaces for motorcycles have been established along Broadway in areas that are too small for passenger vehicles, but will accommodate one or two motorcycles. These designated motorcycle spaces should free up more standard parking spaces.

Analysis: The Traffic Engineering Division believes the revised parking ordinance will clarify the limits of the on-street parking spaces, which will, in turn, enable more consistent enforcement.

Financial Considerations: Some new parking signs must be installed, particularly along Broadway where the motorcycle parking spaces have been created. The cost of installing these new signs will be derived from the Traffic Engineering operating budget.

Legal Considerations: All ordinances require the approval of Council.

Recommendations/Actions: Approve the ordinance enacting parking zones in the Uptown Business District.