Agenda Item # 3

Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting


Agenda Report # 3

TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: Resolution Regarding Payment of Damages

INITIATED BY: Anne-Marie Amiel

Recommendation: Approval is requested to make payment of a total of $27,892.60 to Earl W. Ransom for damages resulting from a motor vehicle accident which occurred on December 9, 2016, in exchange for a full release.

Background: On December 9, 2016 Mr. Ransom was involved in a motor vehicle accident with a Deputy Sheriff.

Analysis: Damages for bodily injury suffered by Mr. Ransom have been negotiated internally, and no legal fees are included in the $27,892.60 submitted for approval.

Financial Considerations: Monies for settlement of this claim are budgeted in Human Resources – Risk Management – Unfunded Claims – Uninsured Losses: 220-0860-3830-3484.

Projected Annual Fiscal Impact Statement: None.

Legal Considerations: The City Attorney's office has approved the language of this Resolution.

Recommendations/ Actions: Approve the Resolution for payment of damages in the amount of $27,892.60.