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Subject: (EXCP-4-14-0876) Special Exception Use request to construct a 95-feet Wireless Telecommunication Facility (Mono-Pine) located at 6507 Moon Road.

Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

Verizon Wireless/Andy Rotenstreich have submitted an application for the Special Exception Use cited above. The property is located in a SFR1 (Single Family Residential 1) zoning district. The site for the proposed cell tower is approximately 5.025 acres. The applicant has submitted a site plan, which is attached. Wireless telecommunication facilities are permitted in the SFR1 zoning district only on a site-specific basis upon approval of the Council based upon the following criteria and conditions:

Thirty Six (36) property owners within 300 feet of the property have been notified by mail of the proposed Special Exception Use. To date, the Planning Department has received two calls inquiring in regards to this request. They wanted to know more details about the proposed use but didn’t expressed being in favor or opposition to the case.

Additional Information:
As per the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) Section 3.2.72.E., an antenna, tower or concealed support structure shall not be located on a lot platted or used for single-family residential purposes. In the residential zoning districts, an antenna, tower or concealed support structure may only be located on a property approved for non-single-family residential use, such as a multifamily development, a church or school.

The property is owned by St. Peter United Methodist Church which has been strategically chosen to enable Verizon Wireless to provide improved coverage to this immediate area of north Columbus. As indicated on the enclosed propagation maps, the proposed facility is proposed to improve wireless service availability and in-building level coverage in this residential area of Moon Road and Weems Road.

In addition, the applicant has also indicated that there are no other parcels available to locate this proposed tower. In order to fill the significant gap in coverage in the area, Verizon Wireless has reported that they must have a tower located within this search ring. Every parcel in the search ring contains a residential structure except the proposed parcel (church) and a parcel (church) located diagonally across the adjacent intersection. The diagonally located parcel is according to Verizon Wireless substantially lower in elevation thereby requiring additional tower height, and is smaller in size than the proposed site parcel. There are no antenna structures that fall within the search area, nor are there any existing antennas structures within 3,000 feet of the proposed location.

The Federal Aviation Administration has conducted an aeronautical study that revealed that the structure does not exceed obstruction standards and would not be a hazard to air navigation provided the following condition(s), if any, is (are) met: As a condition to this Determination, the structure is marked/lighted in accordance with FAA Advisory circular
70/7460-1 K Change 2, Obstruction Marking and Lighting, a med-dual system - Chapters 4,8 (M-Dual), &12.

The Planning Advisory Commission recommended Conditional Approval at the May 21, 2014 meeting. The recommended conditions are:

The Planning Department recommends that the Council Deny the use because the application for a Special Exception use does not meet the criteria for approval in regards to the distance to residential (300 ft) and maximum height (60 feet).


Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department
EXCP-4-14-0876 CNCL Packet.pdfEXCP-4-14-0876 CNCL Packet.pdf