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Subject: (EXCP-12-18-2246) Special Exception Use request to allow for Club or Lodge, Not for Profit located at 3835 Forest Road, Columbus, Georgia.

Club or Lodge, Not for Profit

Martin Flournoy has submitted an application for the Special Exception Use cited above. The property is located in a SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2) zoning district. The site for the proposed Club or Lodge, Not for Profit is a vacant elementary school located at 3835 Forest Road. The purpose of the Special Exception Use is to allow for the operation of a Club or Lodge, Not for Profit and bring it into compliance located within the SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2) zoning district:

Council District: District 1 (Barnes)

Seventy-five (75) property owners within 300 feet of the property have been notified by mail of the proposed Special Exception Use. The Planning Department received one (1) calls and/or emails regarding the special exception use.

Approval: 1 Calls

Opposition: 0 Calls

Additional Information: The approval of Text Amendment (REZN-12-18-2248) allowed for Club or Lodge, Not for Profit, in all residential zones as a Special Exception Use.

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Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

Enclosure/ Attachment

cc: Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity