Columbus Consolidated Government
Council Memorandum

TO: Mayor and Councilors DATE: 02/26/2013

THRU: Isaiah Hugley, City Manager

FROM: Donna W. Newman, Director of Engineering

SUBJECT: Ft. Benning Rd/Cusseta Rd/Brennan Rd Intersection Improvements

In 2010 a traffic study was performed looking at the intersections of Ft. Benning Rd/Cusseta Rd/Brennan Rd. Several alternatives and cost estimates for improvements to the traffic flow were developed and impacts evaluated. These included a conventional signalized intersection, an original GDOT layout and two options for roundabouts.

On November 13, a public meeting was held at the Macedonia Christian Ministries on Cusseta Road. The conventional signalized intersection concept and two variations of a roundabout were presented. Both concepts included the realignment of Brennan Road into the intersection. Copies of the concepts were also provided to representatives from the Macedonia Christian Ministries and Christian Fellowship Church to share with their congregations. A roundabout concept was the favorable selection.

The advantages to this concept was it reduced the right of way impacts and was more economical. It also serves as a focal point for these corridors and reduces traffic delays.

Unless otherwise directed, Staff will move forward with the design and construction of the roundabout alternative.