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Subject: Midland Commons Tax Allocation District Redevelopment Plan (TADRP)

Applicant: Flournoy & Calhoun Realtors

Request to establish a TADRP in southwest Columbus, also known as the Tax Allocation District #7: Midland Commons.

This redevelopment plan (the Plan) presents the rationale, boundaries, fiscal data and proposed projects which could result from the formation of the Columbus, Georgia Consolidated Government, Tax Allocation District #7: Midland Commons. This redevelopment plan was prepared in conformance with the provisions of Georgia Redevelopment Powers Law (O.C.G.A. Title 36 Chapter 44) which governs the creation of the Tax Allocation Districts (TADs) in the state. The plan was prepared by Bleakly Advisory Group, Inc. (BAG) on behalf of the prospective developer of the project, Flournoy & Calhoun Realtors.

Council District(s): District 5 (Baker) and District 7 (Allen)

Additional Information:

The applicants are proposing to establish a redevelopment area, not a particular TAD project. All TAD-financed projects that are proposed within the redevelopment area shall make application and be approved by City Council.

The Swift property is zoned LMI (Light Manufacturing/Industrial). Flat Rock Park and right-of-way do not carry zoning designations. Rezoning for mixed-use or retail will require rezoning for the Swift property.

Approval of this redevelopment area will create TAD #7, which is proposed to make up 0.083% of the digest. All of the TADs combined (existing and proposed) would make up 3.943% of the current City digest.

Staff Recommendation:

The Planning Department recommends approval of the proposed TADRP: Midland Commons – TAD #7.


Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

TADRP SR Midland Commons.docxMidland Commons TAD Redevelopment Plan 110917.pdf