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Applicant:Willis Plantation, LLC / Jackson-Burgin, Inc. / Warren D. Mason
Owner:Willis Plantation, LLC / Jackson-Burgin, Inc.
LocationSouthwest Corner of 9601 Yellow Pine Road (Garret Pines subdivision) and the Northwest Corner of 8997 Macon Road (proposed Midland Downs development)
Acreage:3.47 acres
Current Zoning Classification:Southwest Corner of 9601 Yellow Pine Road is SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3) / the Northwest Corner of 8997 Macon Road is PMUD (Planned Mixed Unit Development)
Proposed Zoning Classification:PMUD (Planned Mixed Unit Development) for Southwest Corner of 9601 Yellow Pine Road / SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3) for Northwest Corner of 8997 Macon Road
Current Use of Property:Undeveloped
Proposed Use of Property:Single family residential and proposed PMUD development for single family residential homes
Council District:District 6 (Allen)
Planning Advisory Commission's Recommendation:Conditional Approval based on the fact that the request is compatible with existing land uses. The recommended conditions are: 1) Reduce the required minimum rear perimeter buffer from 100 feet to 0 feet because proposed single family residential lots will be abutting proposed single family residential lots in the adjoining Garrett Pines subdivision. 2) Smoke and noise disclosure statements shall be included in closing information on real estate business or leases.
Planning Departments Recommendation:Conditional Approval based on the fact that the request is compatible with existing land uses. The recommended conditions are the same as those recommended by the Planning Advisory Commission.
Fort Benning's Rcommendation:Fort Benning concurs with the rezoning request but recommends that smoke and noise disclosure statements shall be included in all real estate documents.
DRI Rcommendation:N/A
General Land Use:Consistent
Planning Area B
Land Use Designation:
Single Family Residential
Environmental Impacts:The property does not lie within a floodway and floodplain area. The developer will need an approved drainage plan prior to issuance of a Site Development permit, if a permit is required
City Services:Property is served by all city services
Traffic Impact:The proposed project is not expected to have a negative impact on the transportation network
Surrounding Zoning:For 9601 Yellow Pine Road is:
North – SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)/LMI (Light Manufacturing Industrial)
South – PMUD (Planned Mixed Use Development)/HMI (Heavy Manufacturing industrial)
East – HMI (Heavy Manufacturing industrial)/ LMI (Light Manufacturing Industrial)/ RE1 (Residential Estate 1)
West SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)/ SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)

For 8997 Macon Road is:
North – SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)
South – RE1 (Residential Estate 1)/ SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)
East – PMUD (Planned Mixed Use Development)/ RE1 (Residential Estate 1)
West HMI (Heavy Manufacturing industrial)/SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)
Reasonableness of RequestThe request is compatible with existing land uses.
School ImpactInformation provided under REZN-11-10-5370 on November 15, 2010.

10-12 Current Enrollment
Available Space
Anticipated Impact on School
Mathews Elementary School (PK-5)
Midland Middle School (6-8)
Shaw High School (9-12)
260 Single Family Units: 1.6 x 260=416 students
208 elementary, 104 middle and 104 high school
200 Multi-Family Units: 200 x 6%=12 students
6 elementary, 3 middle and 3 high school

A new middle school is being built at the northeast corner of the intersection of Yarbrough Road and Garrett Road. The school is scheduled to be opened in August 2013.
Buffer RequirementsThe proposed development shall meet the
buffer requirements for Master Planned
Developments as defined in the UDO (Chapter 2, Table 2.5.2).
Attitude of Property Owners:Nine (9) property owners within 300 feet were notified of the rezoning request. The Planning Department received two inquiries about the rezoning request, one dealing with an utility easement located near the property.
Additional Information:In March of 2011 the City Council conditionally approved the rezoning of 125.5 acres of the subject property along with two other parcels for a Planned Mixed Use Development (PMUD) called Midland Downs Development, LLC.

Said PMUD includes approximately 260 single-family units and 200 multi-family units. The development will have a commercial center at the intersection of Calumet Road and US Highway 80. More information could be found under REZN-11-10-5370.

The purpose of this rezoning application is to swap the land to appropriately apply the correct zoning as it applies to each respective development. Both locations will construct single-family homes on the properties being swapped.
Attachments:Aerial Land Use Map
Planning Area B Future Land-Use Map
Traffic Analysis
Site Plan

1. Land Use Map.pdf2. Planning Area B.pdf3. REZN 11-10-5370TrafficAnalysis.pdf4. Concept Plan_5-8-12.pdf