O R D I N A N C E S:

(1) 2nd Reading - An Ordinance amending the Zoning Atlas of the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia; changing certain boundaries of a district located at 4540, 4550 & 4554 Reese Road & 3747 Gentian Boulevard (parcel 084-023-003, 084-023-001, 084-023-002 & 069-010-003) from NC (Neighborhood Commercial) Zoning District to GC (General Commercial) with conditions Zoning District.

(2) 1st Reading - An ordinance establishing water restrictions and enforcement of outdoor water use for landscaping per the Georgia Water Stewardship Law Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 12-5-7; and creation of a drought response program and enforcement in accordance with the requirements of the Georgia Board of Natural Resources Environmental Protection Division (EPD) Rule 391-3-30 and for other purposes. (Councilor Pugh)

(3) 1st Reading – An ordinance amending the Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2017 beginning July 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017 so as to appropriate and account for the payment of legal fees and expenses provided to the Muscogee County Sheriff in the case of Darr v. Columbus; and for other purposes. (Budget Review Committee)

(4) 1st Reading – An Ordinance amending the Columbus Georgia Deferred Retirement Option Plan to provide that participants can suspend their participation in the plan for up to three years; and for other purposes. (SUBSTITUTE) (Councilors Davis, Barnes and Huff)

(5) 1st Reading- An Ordinance Amending the Operating Budget for the fiscal year 2017 beginning JULY 1, 2016 and ending June 30, 2017, to reclassify certain positions of the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia; and for other purposes.

R E S O L U T I O N S: