Applicant: Ashwini Jain

Owner: Ashwini Jain

Location: 2870 Christine Road

Parcel: 085-026-008

Acreage: 0.40 Acres

Current Zoning Classification: SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)

Proposed Zoning Classification: SFR3 (Single Family Residential 3)

Current Use of Property: Residential House

Proposed Use of Property: Residential Houses

Council District: District 1 (Barnes)

PAC Recommendation: Approval based on the Staff Report and compatibility with existing land uses.

Planning Department Recommendation: Approval based on compatibility with existing land uses.

Fort Benning Recommendation: N/A

DRI Recommendation: N/A

General Land Use: Consistent
Planning Area E

Current Land Use Designation: Single Family Residential

Future Land Use Designation: Single Family Residential

Compatible with Existing Land-Uses: Yes

Environmental Impacts: The property does not lie within the floodway and floodplain area. The developer will need an approved drainage plan prior to issuance of a Site Development permit, if a permit is required.

City Services: Property is served by all city services.

Traffic Impact: Average Annual Daily Trips (AADT) will increase by 22 trips if used for type use. The Level of Service (LOS) will remain at level A.

Traffic Engineering: This site shall meet the Codes and regulations of the Columbus Consolidated Government for residential usage.

Surrounding Zoning: North – SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)
South – SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)
East – SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)
West – SFR2 (Single Family Residential 2)

Reasonableness of Request: The request is compatible with existing land uses.

School Impact: N/A

Buffer Requirement: N/A

Attitude of Property Owners: Forty (40) property owners within 300 feet of the subject properties were notified of the rezoning request. The Planning Department received one (1) calls and/or emails regarding the rezoning.

Approval: 1 Responses

Opposition: 0 Responses

Additional Information: Several new houses have been built in this neighborhood in the last 20 years. Prior to the UDO, lots were split and reduced in size using the variance process. Since adoption of the UDO in 2005, that option has been removed. In the last 14 years, all new lots splits have been done via rezoning to get reduced lot sizes.

Attachments: Aerial Land Use Map
Location Map
Zoning Map
Existing Land Use Map
Future Land Use Map
Traffic Report

Aerial.pdfAerial.pdfLocation.pdfLocation.pdfZoning.pdfZoning.pdfExisting Land Use.pdfExisting Land Use.pdfFuture Land Use.pdfFuture Land Use.pdfTraffic Report.pdfTraffic Report.pdfPlat.pdfPlat.pdf