March 12, 2019

I. FY2020 HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'FY2020 Holiday Schedule'

Approval is requested to approve the FY2020 Holiday Schedule for the FY2020 Budget Year. It is recommended that Thursday, December 26, 2019 be designated as the floating holiday.

II. STREET ACCEPTANCE - THAT PORTION OF WOODVILLE COURT LOCATED IN WHITESVILLE WALK: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Street Acceptance - Woodville Court'

III. FAMILY DRUG COURT GRANT: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Family Drug Court'

IV. JUVENILE DRUG COURT GRANT: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Juvenile Drug Court'

V. MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING - GEORGIA EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT/HOMELAND SECURITY GRANT: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Memorandum of Understanding - GEMA/Homeland Security Grant'

VI. PURCHASES: Database 'e-CAP ', View 'Pending', Document 'Purchase Authorizations'

Approval is requested of items "A" to "J":

A. Inmate Cargo Van
B. Service Truck (4x2 - 3/4 ton)
C. Animal Control Truck
D. Electric Motor Repair Service (Annual Contract)
E. Hot Asphalt & General Road Repair Services (Annual Contract)
F. Swim Gear (Annual Contract)
G. Folding Chairs with Storage Carts for the Civic Center
H. Repair Services for Hydraulic Loader
I. Repair Services for New Flyer 35ft Low Floor Bus
J. Repair Services for Gillig 35ft Low Floor Bus


-- Military Affairs Update - Gary Jones, Executive Vice President Military Affairs - Columbus Georgia Chamber of Commerce

-- Coroner's Update - Buddy Bryan, Muscogee County Coroner

-- Critical Vacancies - Reather Hollowell, Human Resources Director (Delayed)

-- Procurement Process Update - Angelica Alexander, Finance Director

-- Demolition Update - John Hudgison, Inspections and Codes Director

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