Agenda Item # ___

Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting


Agenda Report # ____

TO: Mayor and Council


INITIATED BY: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention

Recommendation: Approval is requested to enter into a one-year contract with Columbus Police Department to award funding for Crime Prevention initiatives.

Background: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention has agreed to recommend the funding of $50,000.00 to Columbus Police Department in effort to mentor juveniles from ages 10-14 in middle schools to reduce drug usage, pregnancy and gang activity among juveniles within the school system.

Analysis: Funds will be used to pay for quality programming as well as mentoring for juveniles.

Financial Considerations: These funds are appropriated from the Other Local Option Sales Tax, Crime Prevention Program and do not require a match.

Recommendations/ Actions: Approve the resolution authorizing the City Manager to enter into a one-year contract with Columbus Police Department to provide funding for mentoring and quality summer programming for middle school children.


NO. _____


WHEREAS, Columbus Police Department has the DARE to be GREAT program to impact the lives of juveniles to reduce the rate of drug usage, pregnancy and gang activity and,

WHEREAS, the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention has authorized funding under the Crime Prevention Program for this project in the amount of $50,000.00 to the DARE to be GREAT Program.


The Mayor is hereby authorized to enter into a one-year contract through the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention with Columbus Police Department for $50,000.00 for funding the DARE to be GREAT Program. Funds are budgeted in the FY16 budget: Other Local Option Sales Tax, Crime Prevention Program.


Introduced at a regular meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia, held the 23rd day of June, 2015 and adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of ____________ members of said Council.

Councilor Allen voting________________.
Councilor Baker voting________________.
Councilor Barnes voting_______________.
Councilor Buck voting_____________.
Councilor Davis voting________________.
Councilor Henderson voting____________.
Councilor Huff voting_________________.
Councilor Pugh voting_________________.
Councilor Thomas voting______________.
Councilor Woodson voting_____________.

__________________________________ ______________________________________
Local Assistance Grant Agreement

Grant Program Name: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention

Fiscal Agent: Muscogee County

Administering Agency: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention

Grant Recipient: Columbus Police Department/Dare to Be Great

Amount: $50,000.00

Budget: Contractual Services – $20,000.00
Local Field Trips - $10,000.00
Daily pickup - $10,000.00
Supplies - $10,000.00
Total - $50,000.00

Program Contact Information

Name: Chief Ricky Boren Title: Chief/Director

Address: 510 10th Street

Phone #: 706-653-3173

Project Description

The Dare to be Great program is a summer camp that will provide children the opportunity to experience a wide range of activities that will reinforce positive behavior. The lessons focus on five major areas:

    1) Providing accurate information about drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
    2) Teaching students good decision making skills.
    3) Showing students how to recognize and resist peer pressure.
    4) Giving students idea for positive alternatives to drug use.
    5) Prevention and serving as an immunization against teen pregnancy, obesity, delinquency, youth violence and gang membership.
    The camp is designed for children 10-14 years of age. Students will be referred by teachers, counselors, principals and officers. Students are accepted on a first come first served basis. The camp is designed to service 600 students for 9 weeks.

    The program will take place Monday through Friday 11:00 AM until 5:30 PM. DARE and GREAT officers will direct the program but outside speakers will be brought in to work with the participants on special topics. Educational field trips will be taken on Friday to enlighten the participants about their community and the environment they live within. Recreation will also play a role in the program as the day begins to end. Qualified college and high school students will be selected and screened by sworn public safety officers to assist with the program.

    I, Chief Ricky Boren the duly authorized representative of the above named Grant Recipient, do hereby agree to the following terms that outline the requirements of Columbus, Georgia for organizations/agencies receiving funds from the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding these terms and fully understand my organization’s obligations incurred by accepting this grant. I understand that prior to the disbursements of any funds the following criteria must be met:
        1. The above named Grant Recipient represents the beneficiaries of the Grant and the above named individual is authorized to act in the name of Columbus Police Department as the Grant Recipient.
        2. The subject matter of this Agreement is primarily the provision of services in the form of individualized summer programming through tutoring and mentoring.
        3. The Grant Recipient shall immediately notify the Agency if any of their service providers are arrested. At the time Grant Recipient learns that one of its service providers has been arrested, then Grant Recipient shall cease to use such service provider in connection with programs funded by this Grant.

        4. In the initial report submitted to the Administering Agency, Grant Recipient shall provide: (a) the name of the chairman and the secretary of the advisory committee; (b) the times and dates that the Grant programs are available – essentially a schedule of services; (c) the number of participants in the program; (d) Description of the process used to identify individuals for which services will be provided; (e) provide specifics on the evaluation process that addresses how the process will work, how the statistical data will be gathered, how it will be analyzed.
        5. Grant Recipient shall provide an accounting system that shall separate Grant Funds from other funds. The accounting system shall also separate Grant related expenses from other expenses.

        6. Grant Recipient shall submit to Agency a monthly report on the progress of the programs. The monthly report shall provide statistical data that supports the projects goals of reducing the recidivism rates of the participants within the program.

        7. Grant Recipient shall use Grant Funds strictly for the purposes outlined in the Grant. Any changes to the programs must be submitted in writing to Columbus Office of Crime Prevention for approval or the funding may be jeopardized.

          8. Grant Recipient shall identify the members of its Board of Directors which will assume liability if the CCG determines the funds have been misused.
          9. Monthly report must be submitted to Seth Brown electronically by the 10th day of the month. Once the report is approved it will be submitted to the Office of Crime Prevention Board for evaluation.

          10. The Grant Recipient shall use generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) to account for all financial transactions used to substantiate the fulfillment of this Grant.
          11. The Grant Recipient shall maintain all records of Grant-related financial transactions for a minimum of three years after the completion of the Grant and to make all records available for inspection and fully cooperate with any audit or investigation requested or undertaken by the CCG, the State Auditor, the Internal Auditor for Columbus, Georgia, or any other officials of the state or federal government who have the authority to conduct audits.
          12. The Grant Recipient shall comply at all times with the provisions of Article I, Section II, and Paragraph VII of the Georgia Constitution regarding the prohibition against Sectarian Aid.
          13. The Grant Recipient hereby releases Columbus, Georgia from any liability whatsoever and Grant Recipient hereby agrees to indemnify Columbus, Georgia against any and all claims for damages, bodily injury or death arising from any of the activities contemplated by this Agreement raised by any person. Grant Recipient shall provide to Columbus, Georgia a certificate of insurance that shows general liability coverage in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and which shows that Columbus, Georgia is named as an additional insured.

          14. All services must be provided by properly certified or licensed personal.
          15. In the event there is any discrepancy in the language of the project description and these numbered paragraphs, the language in the numbered paragraphs shall control.

          Signature of City Manager, Isaiah Hugley Date

          Approved as to form by City Attorney Date

          Signature of Director of Finance, Pam Hodge Date

          Signature of Grant Recipient Representative, Rick Boren Date
      Application for Columbus Office of Crime Prevention Grant

      Admission/Ticket income None

      Other Revenue None

      2. Support (indicate with * if already committed) None

      Corporate support None

      Foundation support None

      Other private support None

      Government support

      Federal None

      State None

      Other County agency None

      Organizations cash applied to project None


      Project expenses

      4. Personnel (give as much detail as possible) (In kind police salaries $34,620)

      (paid teachers’ salaries $26,880.00)

      Subtotal, Personnel $61,500.00

      5. Consultants and professional fees ______________________________________

      Subtotal, Consultants and professional fees ___________

      6. Supplies and equipment Shirts, pencils, Arts & Crafts, Snacks needed for the

      Incentives (hats, t-shirts, backpacks, etc) and (custodial services)

      Subtotal, Supplies and equipment $18,127.00

      Subtotal, Travel $87,387.00

      8. Printing and copying 300 Activity booklets with 10 color pages in each booklet


      Subtotal, Printing and copying $86.00

      9. Marketing and publicity N/A___________________________________________


      10. Mailing/postage None

      11. Telephone/fax None

      Subtotal, Other None

      12. TOTAL PROJECT EXPENSE $167,100.00

      I. Organization The Columbus Police Department’s mission statement is to deliver effective and responsive law enforcement services to all citizens of the city of Columbus in a fair and equitable manner. As an integral part of the Columbus community, we are committed to communicate with those we serve and to join with them in establishing priorities to enhance the quality of the life for the entire community. The primary responsibilities of a Police Officer are the protection of life, property and personal liberties; the preservation of the peace; the prevention of crime; the proper enforcement of all laws and ordinances; the arrest of violators of the law; and the preparation of cases for proper presentation in court.

      II. Background

      Since 1831, the Columbus Police Department has been proudly serving our community. Originally comprised of one lone employee, the Columbus Police Department currently has over 450 sworn officers. For over 20 years, the Crime Prevention Unit has been responsible for educational, informational and various community service programs for the pro-active purpose of preventing and reducing opportunities for criminal behavior. The Crime Prevention Unit is under the Administrative Services Bureau. The current management structure of the unit consists of one Sergeant and four D.A.R.E. certified officers. The Columbus Police Department first began to experience gang problems in the fall 1989, not long after the movie “Colors.” Many youths in the city began identifying themselves as gang members and started wearing gang colors. In the spring of 1990 the Columbus Police Department formed the Gang Task Force made up of officers within the department. In 1995 the Columbus Police Department and Muscogee County School District decided to implement the G.R.E.A.T. Program in all middle schools in Muscogee County. The current management structure of the G.R.E.A.T. Program consists of one Sergeant and two officers who are G.R.E.A.T. certified. The D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. units are geared towards providing positive police encounters with the citizens of Columbus. The officers in these units are frequently engaged with children in the community through each programs’ curriculum based classes, after school programs, and Vacation Bible Schools.

      III. Project Description & Objectives

      The Columbus Police Department’s DARE to be GREAT crime prevention program will consist of two components (school & summer) to provide children the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of activities. In the school component, Muscogee County students will receive the regular curriculum that the traditional D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. programs offer during the school year. The summer camp component will be based on, and continue building on, those lessons. These lessons focus on five major areas:
      With the summer camp we will seek to enhance the community and enrich the lives of children in Columbus, Georgia by providing a safe, supportive, and structured educational program. It will support the overall health and well being of the targeted age group. The program will offer quality educational, recreational, and cultural programs that promote social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development of each child. The camp will include educational classes in which they learn conflict resolution, goal setting, healthy self-image, career exploration, and communication skills. They participate in recreational activities and team building games. The summer camp will also provide relationships with positive role models and build the children’s self-esteem

      IV. Target Group & Selection Process This summer camp program will be for children who range from approx 10-14 years of age. Students can be selected based on their leadership skills and actions demonstrating them to be exemplary role models for their peers. Adult personnel such as teachers, principals, and police officers can refer students. Parents will also be able to submit applications for their children to attend. The students will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.

      V. Expected Outcome

      This summer camp program will provide education in a fun learning environment for area children. Many of our youths occupy their summer time in non-productive ways. Often, this leisure time leads to mischievous and even criminal activities. This undesirable behavior might have otherwise been avoided if youths had an opportunity to attend such a camp as the Columbus Police Department hopes to provide. During this program our expected outcomes are:
      VI. Success
      DARE Summer Camp:

      The camp was held from June 2 through June 30, 2014 at Fort Middle School. The students were fifth graders going to middle school and recent graduates of the DARE Program. There were representatives from several elementary schools in Muscogee County. We had 53 students apply for the camp and maintained an average of 26 students daily.
      We were challenged to create new experiences for the students due to lower funding this year. We implemented some new ideas by incorporating presentations from other departments within the agency and others from within the community. One of our new speakers was the 2013 Ms Plus America winner, Angela Szpak. She spoke to the students about being self confident and gave them information on skin protection. The highlight of her presentation was when she showed the range of her Opera voice. The students were highly impressed. We continued to reinforce the DARE curriculum and ideals. Additional classes were also given on self-esteem, bullying, and public speaking. The children received Math and English lessons to assist them going into middle school. For our celebration at the end of camp, we had a local business bring out inflatable water slides and Chester’s BBQ provided the food. The success of the summer camp continues to be measured in two ways. One method of measuring success was to determine the recidivism rate of the students over a one-year period. Since our first summer camp in 2012, only one student was charged for Criminal Trespass and was later charged with Disorderly Conduct. That child hasn’t been arrested again since then. Another measurement of the summer camp’s success is the feedback received from surveys. According to surveys completed by the students and parents, positive responses were given. Many participants stated that out of town field trips would make the camp more appealing. Based on the success of past GREAT summer programs that included trips outside of Columbus, we agree that such events definitely draw higher interest. However students and parents communicated they would attend again and would speak favorably about the camp to others. According to the surveys, the DARE Summer Camp was a success.
      Being able to secure funds earlier allows us to confidently promote the camp throughout the school district. For example, we received over 300 applications from interested students this year. We are looking forward to an even better summer camps in the future. We plan to build on the experience we’ve gained through the previous camps and continue to provide children a safe, fun, and educational alternative during the summer.

      GREAT Summer Camp:
      Our G.R.E.A.T. Summer component set out to achieve continuous education in the areas of goal setting, social skills, life skills, self esteem building and general education on current events and issues facing today’s youth. We continued to enforce and review negative views of gangs and gang membership. We instilled in students how to avoid bullying and how to report acts of bullying against other kids. We also taught them the invaluable skills of teamwork and healthy behaviors while working with others. During this year’s summer camp, we had a total of 15 guest speakers. These classes provide a learning environment for students, while giving them the hands on experience of the focused subject. The guest speakers included: The “Right from the Start Program” with Mrs. Veronica Austin, which taught campers about life skills, abstinences and good decision making skills. The campers also gained knowledge and experience from the Columbus Police Department’s Bike Control Unit (Bike/Helmet Safety), K-9 Unit, ID Unit (Identification/Crime Scene Investigations), Motor Squad Unit (Motorcycle Patrol). They were also taught by Muscogee County Marshal’s Office, the effects of cyber-bullying, and they received basic CPR & First Aid skills from an instructor from Columbus Technical College. They also witnessed a Martial Arts demonstration along with a demonstration from the Columbus Fire Department. All of our guest speakers donated their skills and time to the camp. The students were also given several opportunities to participate in field trips locally. We received feedback from parents who attended our final event on the progress of their children and how this program positively encouraged them.
      In conclusion, through the collaborative efforts of GREAT Officers, Guest Speakers, Staff and multiple agencies, the GREAT Summer Program was an overall success for 2014. We will continue to build on the current curriculum and explore opportunities learned for future GREAT Summer Camps.

      VII. Participants

      The summer camp program will have 600 students attend the D.A.R.E. / G.R.E.A.T. summer camp. Students sign up for the summer program at their schools and all those who sign up are selected on a first come, first serve basis. All applicants will be accepted without regard to race, color, religion, creed, gender, national origin, disability, or any other legally protected status.

      VIII. Significance

      The program will help create a higher quality of care for our community’s children during the school summer break. It will keep them off the street by giving them constructive and proactive structure. It will build interpersonal skills with other children from different parts of the community and improve social skills. This summer camp will help bridge the gap between elementary and middle school and provide a positive learning environment. As it pertains to gangs, the city of Columbus currently has ten street gangs with a membership of about 450 members. The 10 street gangs are Uptown (UPT), Wilside, East Wynnton (E-Dub), Southside Boys, Down South Georgia Boys, 1440, Gangster Disciples, Hilltop Mob, The Delray Boys, 3rd Ward and Oakland Park Posse of Columbus. These gangs are located throughout Columbus, Georgia. They are also very active recruiting youth from our middle schools. The summer camp will be significant to the community because it will help students become responsible members of their communities, by setting goals for themselves, resisting pressures, learning how to resolve conflicts and understanding how gangs and crime impact the quality of their life. The D.A.R.E. / G.R.E.A.T. summer camp will culminate with a certificate of graduation, a new philosophical outlook towards police, and the tools needed to resist gangs and crime.

      IX. Administered

      The program will take place Monday through Friday during the daytime hours (11:00 am until 5:30 pm.). It will include 30-45 minute classes; a critical time to engage school aged children in structured activities. It is operated and supervised by D.A.R.E. / G.R.E.A.T. Officers. The D.A.R.E. / G.R.E.A.T. Curriculum, guest speakers, and others classes are taught in the morning. In the afternoons we will have one hour of open recreation followed by the AWANA Games. On Fridays we take the students on field trips to such places as activity parks and/or educational and historical tours. Qualified college & high school students will assist as counselors. They will be selected and properly screened by the sworn officers. The program will compliment what children are learning in school and strengthen their sense of responsibility of being a productive individual within their community.
      Officers assigned to the D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. programs are highly qualified to carry out this program. These officers are charged with the enhancement of the community’s understanding of the role of the police and to assist the police in understanding the needs of the community. The ultimate goal of the D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. programs are to provide an outreach through community service, to enhance a positive rapport without losing patrol effectiveness, and enable our department to establish a closer and more effective relationship within all areas of the community. Further more, the D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. officers undergo at least (80) hours of special training in areas such as child development, classroom management, teaching techniques, and community skills. Both the D.A.R.E. and G.R.E.A.T. curriculums are designed to be taught by officers whose training and experience give them the background needed to impact the lives of our young citizens.

      X. References Additional reference letters and other materials are included in this packet.