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Re: Email Problems
Thanks Glenn and others. I appreciate you looking into this and getting back with us. It's good to know that you did get the drafts of the Legislative Agenda that Liz sent out. And, yes, we had received feedback and input from some of you so we knew most had received the Legislative Agenda, but we were not certain all had because of the comments at the Hometown Connection.

Charles/Isaiah - Thanks for looking into our email and Councilor packets systems. It's good to know those are functioning in a way that gets important information to Councilors in a prompt fashion.

Mr. City Manager/Councilor Thomas- I want to thank you both for getting together to attempt to improve the Hometown Connection process this year. I think you are both on to something with that effort.

I know that the current format of developing our Legislative Agenda has been in place for many years and that the event format has likewise been in place for many years. With that said, I think it is obvious those formats have outlived their usefulness and I would like to propose for your consideration a more streamlined process:

-- As issues come to Councilors' attention throughout the year, Councilors can submit requests for the Legislative Agenda to the CM.
-- The City Manager and I will comprise a DRAFT Legislative Agenda for discussion and debate at a Council meeting or Work Session.
-- Council will alter that proposed Agenda through amendment, addition, or subtraction, and vote on a final approved Legislative Agenda to be submitted to our Delegation.
-- We will have one event, instead of two back to back events, in which to present the Agenda to our Delegation. It can begin with a short review from the CM, Pam, David, and Lisa as we had this time.
-- Then, in the same room, we will have 1) the city, 2) the school board, 3) the Chamber and 4) the CVB stand and recite their Legislative Agenda.
-- If the Delegation has questions or concerns, we can hear from them at that time and discuss the matter further.

Surely, this process can be completed in one hour or 90 mins at most. I don't think we should have all Department heads there or other ancillary agencies other than those listed above, but I'm open to your suggestions. We can have a light Continental Breakfast and save money and time.

I welcome your thoughts.

Liz - Thank you for your hard work. Would you please see to it that this email gets in Councilors' packets as well? Thanks.

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