TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2014 AT 5:30 PM

The following Commission members were present for the entire meeting except as noted.


Mr. Winfield G. Flanagan, Chairman December 31, 2018
Mr. Kerry W. Hand, Vice Chairman December 31, 2017
Mr. Thomas G. O. Forsberg, Treasurer December 31, 2015

The following Commission members were absent:

Ms. Sherry Goodrum December 31, 2016

Staff members present:

Richard C. Howell, A.A.E., Airport Director
Mary Scarbrough, Secretary
W. Donald Morgan, Jr., Legal Counsel
Anthony Cooper, Chief of Public Safety
Jennifer Wright, Restaurant Manager
Sonya Hollis, Marketing Director
Richard Daniels, Maintenance
Lorrie Brewer, Chief Accountant
Rod Aide, Public Safety
Andre’ Parker, Public Safety
Donnie Hickman, Public Safety
Shaundra Goodwin, Public Safety
Francine Johnson, Accounting
Ed Gibson, Public Safety

Others present:

Bill Hogan, RS&H; Carter Woolfolk, Yates, Woolfolk, & Turner Insurance; Gary Kundey, Richard Desportes, Matt Hinkle



Motion by Mr. Thomas Forsberg to adopt the minutes for the August 27, 2014 meeting as presented; seconded by Mr. Kerry Hand and unanimously approved by the Commission.
Ayes: 3 / No: 0


Mr. Richard Howell reported due to a conflicting appointment Robinson, Grimes & Company, P.C. would not be attending the meeting. They have offered and will be happy to come explain any questions the Columbus Airport Commission may have concerning the audit at a later date. The cash flow is better this year, with some substantial variances with our two enterprise activities that both posted declines, which is not good for us as we have discussed in previous meetings. Staff is looking at a non-aeronautical revenue development to include a marketing plan for Flightways Columbus which has been on hold as we move forward with the strategic plan.They recommended we have an accounting manual to outline beyond our purchasing policies our day to day activities in handling cash. Staff is taking a look at that understanding it will require a lot of work and will be a big project. Management requested the Columbus Airport Commission approve the Fiscal Year 2014 Audit as presented.

Mr. Thomas Forsberg stated he had reviewed the audit which had been provided to all Commissioner’s to review in advance therefore, made the motion as follows.

Motion by Mr. Thomas Forsberg to consider adoption of the new mission statement for the Columbus Airport as presented; seconded by Mr. Kerry Hand and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 3 / No: 0


Mr. Howell stated a couple months back he and the Columbus Airport Commissioners had consulted together, the decision was made to terminate their contract early with Michael Baker International, LLC without further activity. Mr. Howell had put out a statement of qualifications in a national search in August 2014, received a total of five responses. On the initial review, one of the five received was unresponsive and was removed from consideration. The recommendation was made to interview three of the respondents. The interview team included Mr. Richard Howell, Mr. Winfield Flanagan, and Chief Anthony Cooper. Reynolds, Smith & Hills out of Jacksonville, Florida (RS&H) was chosen, a contract agreement has been provided. The contract will provide a base of architectural and engineering services that we need for projects. RS&H also, presents themselves to be like an extension of staff. In this capacity they will assist with the PFC applications, training of staff in areas we are not capable of training, accounting manuals and so forth as needed. The contract agreement, was provided to Mr. Don Morgan for review. Mr. Morgan had a family emergency and had not corresponded with Mr. Howell until today. Mr. Howell wanted to bring it to the Airport Commission to appoint RS&H as the aviation consultant pending the successful negotiations of the contract. FAA policy states that should a contract not be negotiated with RS&H, then Mr. Howell will come back to the Airport Commission with the next candidate on the list. Mr. Howell recommended approval to appoint RS&H to provide aviation consulting services pending completion of contract negotiations.

Motion by Mr. Kerry Hand to approve to appoint Reynolds, Smith & Hills to provide aviation consulting services pending completion of contract.to Columbus Airport as presented; seconded by Mr. Thomas Forsberg and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 3 / No: 0

Mr. Howell introduced a representative from Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Mr. Bill Hogan, who will be the Columbus Airport Commission’s Project Officer from RS&H when the negotiations have been settled for the contract.

Mr. Hogan thanked the Columbus Airport Commission for the opportunity and is looking forward to working with the Airport Commission and Columbus Airport Staff in meeting their goals.


Mr. Richard Howell had stated in a past work sessions with the Commissioners the proposal of adding this position. The concern was the budgetary impact of adding a full time salary to the airport. Mr. Paul Phillips is slowly recovering from his vehicle accident, and has been told by the doctors it may be six months or more before he can actually stand and walk. Mr. Howell congratulated the staff in pulling together and filling in during Mr. Phillips absence, they have all done a great job in keeping up with theirs and Mr. Phillips work! As Mr. Phillips will not be returning a void is left in the organization and Mr. Howell felt it was time to move forward with this initiative. This person will be a working manager position, a member of Senior Staff, and will be responsible for grounds , airfield maintenance , and facilities functions . The Maintenance Manager Position will bring together all the maintenance staff activities inot one department, Mr. Howell will task the successful candidate to create the structure for the employees who will report to this position where synergies from three separate entities will work together as one. The salary range will be $44,000-$55,000 with benefits. The cost to the Commission will be $64,000-$79,000. Mr. Howell plans to start salary out rather low, and as indicated in the employee manual, use the six month probationary period and at the end of that consideration for a pay raise will be reviewed at that time.

Motion by Mr. Thomas Forsberg to consider approval to create a new Maintenance Manager Position to oversee a combined maintenance department working manager position for the Columbus Airport as presented; seconded by Mr. Kerry Hand and unanimously approved by the Commission. Ayes: 3 / No: 0


Mr. Winfield Flanagan reported with upcoming vacancies a committee needs to be designated in forming a committee, to make recommendations.

Mr. Howell asked Mr. Don Morgan if Mr. Flanagan needed to designate who would be on the committee.

Mr. Morgan stated yes, and the committee can be a committee of one or more.

Mr. Flanagan asked the Commissioners if they would like to be on the nominating committee.

Mr. Forsberg and Mr. Hand shared their interest in joining the committee.

Mr. Flanagan. Nominated both Mr. Forsberg and Mr. Hand into the Commissioner Nominating Committee.

Mr. Morgan stated with Mr. Flanagan’s nomination of both Mr. Forsberg and Mr. Hand, no further action is necessary concerning the Commissioner Nominating Committee.

Mr. Howell stated according to the By-Laws with Commissioner Don Cook’s resignation and the resignation of Commissioner Sherry Goodrum, three names per position are to be provided to the City Council for consideration in submitted a total of six names in January 2015.

At the November 2014 Work Session Mr. Howell confirmed with Mr. Morgan there can be a special will call to accept the names at during that meeting.

Mr. Morgan reported that is true. As a reminder, he stated the City Council request three names per position to be filled. He did verify with Ms. Tiny Washington earlier in the day, the council still prefers that districts fifteen and sixteen be split evenly.

Mr. Howell did specify Mr. Cook’s term was to end this year, effective December 2015, and Ms. Goodrum term is set to end as of December 2016. As her term was incomplete Ms. Goodrum term will need to be filled through December 2016.


Mr. Winfield Flanagan swore in Mr. Rod Aide with the Oath of Office.

The Oath of Office was sworn on behalf of the Columbus Airport Commission and the Columbus Airport Department of Public Safety as follows:



I, Rod Dale Aide, a Police Officer for the Columbus Airport Department of Public Safety, Columbus, Georgia, do solemnly swear or affirm that I will, to the best of my skill and ability, faithfully uphold the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of Georgia, the Charter and Ordinances of the Consolidated Government of Columbus, Georgia and the rules and policies of the Columbus Airport Commission.

I will execute the orders of my Superiors and comply with the rules and regulations governing the Columbus Airport Commission and the Department of Public Safety. I will not persecute the innocent, nor shield the guilty from prosecution or punishment, nor will I be influenced in the discharge of my duty by fear, favor, or affection, reward or hope thereof. In all my acts and doings, I will be governed by the rules and ordinances applicable to the Columbus Airport Commission and the Department of Public Safety.

So help me God.

Signed Rod Dale Aide

Mr. Flanagan expressed his appreciation to Mr. Aide on behalf of the Columbus Airport Commission.


Mr. Howell introduced those present and acknowledged the following Columbus Airport Commission Employees with five years of service.

Mr. Donnie Hickman
Ms. Jennifer Wright
Mr. Matt Clark
Mr. Darryl Graham
Mr. Timothy Schimek
Mr. Jody Holland

Mr. Flanagan thanked the employees in appreciation for their years of service.

Mr. Howell stated those employees that were not present, would receive their pins for their years of service at the Columbus Airport.


Mr. Howell introduced Ms. Lorrie Brewer, to provide a financial update.


Ms. Lorrie Brewer provided the following information:

The Airport sustained a loss of $(87,642) with an adjusted net profit without depreciation and amortization of $69,837 in September. Year over year it amounts to decrease in profit of approximately 10% (without depreciation in comparison to last year (see Summary of Airport Revenues & Expenses).

Propellers Restaurant sales were down compared to last year; Flightways fuel sales and flowage fees were down approximately $70K, hangar and other rents down around $12K. Accruals were again made for the car rental revenues for September as actuals were not all available at the time of closing.

Compared to last year, labor expense was down approximately $5K; professional fees were down $47K; administrative, fuel and other expenses were down $6K and utilities and other services showed little change.

Update on Airport Improvement Projects 37 & 38:

AIP 37 – Taxiway C Relocation & Airfield Electrical Improvement Project $3,923,867; Balance: $601,765.

AIP 38 – Airport Perimeter Fencing & Crack Seal, Seal Coat & Mark GA Apron Project $384,678; Balance: $140,882.

Cash flow was positive for the month (see the Cash Flow Summary).


Ms. Sonya Hollis provided the following information:


Ms. Jennifer Wright provided the following update on Propellers:

Mr. Hand complimented Ms. Wright and her staff on their great job provided today for the Legislative Luncheon! Mr. Flanagan shared his appreciation too.

Mr. Howell reported the FAA will begin a project next week that will run through January 2015. The PAPI lights for both Runway 6 and 24 have the power boxes for the PAPI’s inside the runway safety area. The project will move the boxes outside the safety area, set up some frangible mounts on the PAPI boxes themselves. The upcoming holidays will delay the project a bit due to FAA moratoriums. The other part of the work will be work on the MALSR that will be to move and make changes on stations six thru ten. The plan is to work in between flights so there will be no impacts to the 139 operations. A preconstruction meeting was held earlier today. They have some design work to do on a ditch by the 2/4 PAPI, which Mr. Howell will review prior to approval.

Mr. Howell stated it looks like a good project and they are moving forward with it at this time. Another project is that that the FAA is also going to replace the Runway Visual Range Unit with a new unit. The Runway Visual Range Unit was two short towers that looked at each other and measured the distance you can see down the runway. Now the Runway Visual Range is a single pole. Mr. Howell has been talking with the FAA for many months regarding this project as the FAA has been waiting on the final record documents for the our lighting vault because much of the mainline electrical was redone, so they have no idea what the electrical looks like coming into the airfield.

In regards to what Ms. Brewer provided in her report Mr. Howell has received close out documents this week for AIP-37 and AIP-38 from the consultant. He has not had an opportunity to review the documents to date. They are working on record drawings to provide us. This will be one of the last items they will be doing for us as we close out the association with Michael Baker International, LLC.


Mr. Richard Desportes, Speedbird Aero, who runs the maintenance facility on the field in Hangar 19 for the last five years. He has been around the airport since 1978 when he began learning to fly, and began renting a hangar. He is aware some years back there was a General Aviation Committee at the Columbus Airport, and is requesting the Columbus Airport Commission to allow him to reassemble another General Aviation Committee. He feels this will boost general aviation business and provide a voice pipeline between the general aviation side and the Commission, and promote it. There are stagnant airplanes in about twenty-five hangars here on the airport with a total of one hundred plus hangars. Mr. Desportes would like to volunteer his time in keeping up with development at the airport.

Mr. Forsberg stated he is very supportive of the General Aviation Committee.

Mr. Howell reported the General Aviation Committee as written in the by-laws would be a membership of five to seven people, one member being a Commissioner, meet a minimum of quarterly and report back to the Columbus Airport Commission quarterly. Mr. Howell currently communicates with the tenants with email blast and town hall meetings, and supports anyone willing to take on this which will give him a great voice to talk with the tenants in developing general aviation.

Mr. Flanagan reported to move forward in January 2015 with forming the General Aviation Committee.

Mr. Forsberg with this the chairman calls, no motion is necessary?

Mr. Morgan stated yes as it is in the by-laws and the Columbus Airport Commission needs to reinstate the committee.

Mr. Matt Hinkle stated he was one of the first served members of the first General Aviation Committee. None of the members were clear as to what exactly the General Aviation Committee’s mission was during that time. It is not a complaint pipeline. A lot of items were taken care of, such as with the assistance of rewriting the T-Hangar Lease. We need to know what we are open to, with goals to go forth with, as to not lose focus.

Mr. Forsberg thanked Mr. Hinkle for the positive feedback on the General Aviation Committee.

Mr. Howell introduced and expressed his appreciation to Mr. Richard Daniels in really stepping up to the plate in filling in by spending a lot of extra time at the airport, with airfield lighting, necessary repairs as needed, locating inventory we were not aware we had, along with fulfilling his own job duties along with the job duties of Mr. Paul Phillips. Appreciation was expressed and those in attendance applauded Mr. Daniels for a job well done!

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 5.59 P|.M.

____________________________ _____________________________

Mary Scarbrough, Secretary Winfield G. Flanagan, Chairman