WHEREAS, Columbus’ first city hospital was built in 1841, followed by the second hospital built in 1894 and the third hospital that was built in 1915;

WHEREAS, the Colored Department was located in the rear of the building with Dr. W. T. Ayers, Dr. E. J. Turner, Dr. D. W. Gallimore, Dr. M. L. Taylor and Dr. Thomas H. Brewer comprising the board;

WHEREAS, The Columbus Medical Center Nursing School was among the first in the country to open its doors for the education of student nurses of all races producing generations of talented and caring registered nurses between the time of its founding in 1915 and its closing in 1969;

WHEREAS, because of the times, these pioneering Black Nurses endured many hardships, inequities and injustices for the sole purpose of using their education and training to relieve the pain and suffering of all the citizens of Columbus regardless of race;

WHEREAS, the nursing profession is among the noblest of calling, its practitioners’ willing and dutiful involvement in the total care and well-being of patients at all stages of sickness, injury and disease having earned Nurses the appellation “Angels of Mercy;”

WHEREAS, the Black nurses in Columbus and Muscogee County give great recognition, honor and homage to these pioneering Black Nurses these courageous Black Women who ploughed the way for the many Black Nurses who have followed in their footsteps;

Whereas, these pioneers are: Dorothy G. Anderson, Alice Austin, Willie M. Avery, Mae F. Crocker, Annie H. S. Cruse, Bettie Currin-Hudson, Betty S. Davis, Jessie B. Dawkins, Larraine T. DuBois, Trudie W. Evans, Juanita Ezekiel, Jerelean W. Glover, Rosalie J. Hollowell-Walker, Thelma M. Hudlin, Sadie B. Freeman, Laura B. Jackson, Pattie C. Howard, Edith W. P. Jenkins, Eula E. Johnson, Mattie W. Johnson, Beverly Kendrick, Inez McCaskill, Clotee C. McCray, Lydia McCullough, Marguerite H. Merchant, Florence W. Nixson, Jenovis M. Obleton, Fannie B. Reis; Vera Richardson, Mary N. Riggins, Edith M. Sampson, Dorothy N. Sanchez, Maurice J. Sconiers, Lula H. Scott, Mary B. Smith, Gloria Stroy, Ada J. Tarver, Doris B. Upshaw, Pearline T. Walker, Daisy M. J. Washington, Mary B. White, Dorothy S. Willis, Mary A. C. Woods, Lois Williams, and Earnestine Tinsley

WHEREAS, our deceased members are: Billie J. Abon, Marion Adams, Lillie F. Allen, Ethel M. Anderson, Charlie M. Banks, Erma E. Blackmon, Mary Brown, Oasie S. Brown, Alveta C. Bradley, Precious Calloway, Mary Comer, Dorothy H. Conway, Burnette R. Davis, Mattie Denson, Gladys Edmonds, Maggie Emelle, Sally A. Fernandes, Marion J. Foster, Julia Fredrick, Sadie B. Freeman, Viola Freeman, Thelma L. Garner, Hilda Garret, Ivra M. Graham, Annie W. Griffins, Rozell E. Hardaway, Minnie Harp, Edna J. Harris, Mary K. Henry, Melzetta G. Hinton, Nancy L. Hodge, Brooksie Hueling, Dorothy M. James, Effie R. Johnson, Marion Johnson, Tina R. Jones, Alice M. Knowles, Velma McCaskey, Georgia W. Maynard, Vernell Overstreet, Ethel E. Phillips, Mable Priestly, Ruth A. M. Rayford, Daisy Reese, Eola L. Reid, Annie R. Rivers, Katie A. Robbins, Mae D. Rogers, Betty B. Russell, Margaret F. Tappins, Ruth G. Taylor, Ann B. Thomas, Nellie Thompson, Katie Timothy, Audry Walker, Inez S. Wright, Nettie J. M. Waller, Marion W. Holston, Sally T. Sims, Evelyn P. Spencer, Patrene Smith, Earnestine Boykins, Veronica Culpepper, Maggie Senior, Annie R. Shanks, Adrine Southall, Grace Snyder, Evelyn Spencer, Effie Whatley, Dorothy S. Bridges, Josephine T. Bulter, Bessie B. Reese, Elnora G. Holt, Linda Brooks, Sylvia Austin, Barbara Powers, Joyce Whitehead, Rebecca Royonum, Sadie M. Henry, Juanita M. Davis, Jean Porterfield, Mary J. Lockhart, Sadie Ayers, Mae Dobbs Rogers, Margaret P. McElroy, Judith Montgomery, Bettie S. Price, Sarah Robinson, Ruth Taylor, Mary D. Hill, Hester Jackson, Elese McMillian, Sarah G. Hicks, Estell P. Hicks, Mary B. Hall, Rosa S. Jones, Katheryn Jackson and Edna Simpson.


We hereby commend and congratulate the Black Nurses of The Columbus City Hospital School of Nursing. Columbus is proud of their dedication to their profession and we wish them every success in the future. Let a copy of this resolution be forwarded to the Black Nurses of The Columbus City Hospital School of Nursing.


Introduced at a regular meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia held on the 26th day of April, 2016, and adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of ______ members of Council.

Councilor Allen___________. Councilor Henderson_______.
Councilor Baker___________. Councilor Huff____________.
Councilor Barnes__________. Councilor Pugh____________.
Councilor Buck____________. Councilor Thomas__________.
Councilor Davis___________. Councilor Woodson_________.

__________________________ _____________________________