2016 Grant Request


Board Approved - $85,000

The objective of this program is to reduce dropouts, juvenile delinquency and crime rates.

F.A.S.T. operates in three schools in Columbus – Georgetown, Dawson and Fox Elementary. These schools were chosen because of the significant number of risk factors. The program starts with an 8 week period of goal-oriented family activity sessions. One hundred at risk students will be helped.

2) Adult Drug Court

Board Approved - $10,000

The Muscogee County Adult Drug Court is a post-sentencing program that provides four means by which parties may enter into Drug Court. The four avenues include Conditional Discharge, First Offender Act, Probation Revocation and a Straight Guilty Plea. Participants are required to complete five different phase before they are eligible for graduation. Participants with felony charges must complete an 18 month program and those with misdemeanor charges are required to complete a 12 month program. The target population is non-violent offenders between the ages of 18 and 60 who reside in our circuit. Participants are referred to Drug Court through a variety of sources. All drug court participants must be approved by the District Attorney’s Office and screened by the Drug Court Staff.

3) Teen Advisors

Board Approved - $30,000

The program will work with 17 area high schools and middle schools to provide staff workers to train the student members, (492), to be mentors for other students. The program aims to provide positive peer pressure to the student body to reduce the amount of drug and alcohol use as well as sexual activity among students. After school sessions are conducted for 45 minutes and occur 4-6 times a year.

4) Literacy Alliance

Board Approved - $87,500

5) Right from the Start

Board Approved - $40,000

Utilizing the WAIT program through classes to decrease the rate of teen pregnancy and drug usage.

Program will work with 2000 middle school children.

6) Chattahoochee Valley Jail Ministry

Board Approved - $38,000

Effort to educate and prepare inmates for graduation of the GED program. One hundred twenty inmates will participate.

7) Big Brothers Big Sisters

Board Approved - $20,000

Mentoring program that focuses on youth ages 6-14, at risk and some involved within the judicial system.

8) Boys and Girls Club

Board Approved - $40,000

Target is 10-18 Identified by the Juvenile Court System. Fifty kids will be helped through the Delinquency Prevention Initiative. This is done through mentors and a case manager…tutoring and academic counseling. They will also participate in Passport to Manhood and Smart Girls.

9) Bridge

Board Approved - $13,000

Target 18-24 who lack HS diploma. Seventy five would be enrolled. Program provides literacy skills and GED preparation.

10) Boxwood Parks and Rec

Board Approved - $30,000

Keeping the Rec center open within this area of town. This will affect the entire community of 5000.

11) LeadsOnLine CPD

Board Approved - $18,000

Utilize the online system to assist in burglary and property being returned.


Board Approved - $25,300

Target population youth within the Columbus Housing Authority 325 kids. The program will tutor children after school.

13) Office of Dispute Resolution

Board Approved - $20,000

Target population fathers through the Legitimation Station. Will treat approximately 200 men. Funding will provide the attorney that works with the fathers for advice and counsel.

14) Dare to Be Great CPD

Board Approved - $50,000

Target population youth between the ages of 10-14…600 students potentially. Conducted the month of June at Fort Middle.

15) Urban League

Board Approved - $20,000

Prisoners being released into our community. This will be a job placement program. Treat 100 inmates returning.

16) EITA

Board Approved - $20,000

Target population youth for after school tutoring and mentoring.

17) TIP

Board Approved - $30,000

Target population 20-25 students that have at least 10 unexcused absences. This program works with the Juvenile Court system. Seventy percent success rate.

18) Georgia Appleseed

Board Approved - $95,000

Target population – entire MCSD. Lots of programming that prevents truancy, expulsion, juvenile law reform.

19) Girls Inc.

Board Approved - $40,000

The project will work with girls in grades 1-11 during the week 4-6:30pm and during the summer 10am to 4:30 pm. The project will consist of three components.

The target group will be at risk 250 females from schools on the failing list.

20) Junior Marshal

Board Approved - $20,000

Target population 100 middle school students selected by counselors within the school.