Columbus Consolidated Government
Council Memorandum

TO: Mayor and Councilors DATE: 05/12/2015

THRU: Isaiah Hugley, City Manager

FROM: Donna Newman, Director of Engineering SUBJECT: Proposal for LED Roadway Lighting

The City and Developers pay for the installation of roadway lights as part of the construction of new and existing streets. The City pays for the energy cost monthly. Georgia Powers operate and maintains a majority of the roadway light fixtures. Currently, the City has three providers for service in the community. Georgia Power has been implementing a program throughout the state to replace the existing fixtures with more efficient LED lighting fixtures.

Georgia Power has submitted a proposal to replace the existing High Pressure Sodium Cobra Head Fixtures with LED lighting fixtures throughout the City. The new fixtures will provide a more efficient lighting of the roadways and reduce energy consumption. The photo cells on the fixtures will be replaced at a later date to allow the lights to be monitored for outages.

The replacement of roadway lighting fixtures will be done at no cost to the City. The City will not receive a reduction in energy cost due to the rate structure established by the Public Service Commission.