Agenda Item # ___

Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting


Agenda Report # ____

TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: Office of Dispute Resolution

INITIATED BY: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention

Recommendation: Approval is requested to enter into a one-year contract with Muscogee County Office of Dispute Resolutiont to award funding for Crime Prevention initiatives.

Background: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention has agreed to recommend the funding of $20,000.00 to the Office of Dispute Resolution to run the Legitimation Station.

Analysis: This program will help establish relationships between fathers and their children that were born out of wedlock.

Financial Considerations: These funds are appropriated from the Other Local Option Sales Tax, Crime Prevention Program and do not require a match.

Recommendations/ Actions: Approve the resolution authorizing the Mayor and City Manager to enter a one year contract with Office of Dispute Resolution to provide funding for The Legitimation Station.


NO. _____


WHEREAS, Office of Dispute Resolution has the Legitimation Station Program to impact the lives of fathers to reconnect them to their children and,

WHEREAS, the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention has authorized funding under the Crime Prevention Program for this project in the amount of $20,000.00 to the Office of Dispute Resolution.


The Mayor is hereby authorized to enter into a one-year contract through the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention with the Office of Dispute Resolution for $20,000.00 for funding the Legitimation Station Program. Funds are budgeted in the FY16 budget: Other Local Option Sales Tax, Crime Prevention Program.


Introduced at a regular meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia, held the 23rd day of June, 2015 and adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of ____________ members of said Council.

Councilor Allen voting________________.
Councilor Baker voting________________.
Councilor Barnes voting_______________.
Councilor Buck voting_____________.
Councilor Davis voting________________.
Councilor Henderson voting____________.
Councilor Huff voting_________________.
Councilor Pugh voting_________________.
Councilor Thomas voting______________.
Councilor Woodson voting_____________.

__________________________________ ______________________________________

Local Assistance Grant Agreement

Grant Program Name: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention

Fiscal Agent: Muscogee County

Administering Agency: Columbus Office of Crime Prevention

Grant Recipient: Office of Dispute Resolution

Amount: $20,000.00

Budget: Personnel – $20,000.00
Total - $20,000.00

Program Contact Information

Name: Judge Gil McBride Title: Director

Address: 308 10th Street, Columbus, GA 31901

Phone #: 706-653-4464

Project Description
        The Legitimation Station’s objective is to help fathers of children born out of wedlock to establish legal relationships with their children through legitimation, which is required to secure a father’s legal rights to custody and visitation of nonmarital children. To achieve this objective, the Legitimation Station seeks funding to employ a project co-ordinator to recruit, train and co-ordinate pro bono attorneys and paralegals to assist fathers in preparing and filing legitimation pleadings in superior court and to maintain the pro se forms on the family law information center website.

I, Gil McBride the duly authorized representative of the above named Grant Recipient, do hereby agree to the following terms that outline the requirements of Columbus, Georgia for organizations/agencies receiving funds from the Columbus Office of Crime Prevention. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions regarding these terms and fully understand my organization’s obligations incurred by accepting this grant. I understand that prior to the disbursements of any funds the following criteria must be met:
      1. The above named Grant Recipient represents the beneficiaries of the Grant and the above named individual is authorized to act in the name of Office of Dispute Resolution as the Grant Recipient.
      2. The subject matter of this Agreement is primarily the provision of services in the form of legitimizing fathers.
      3. When reimbursement is sought, the name of the person providing the service shall be provided along with the type of service provided. The Grant Recipient shall immediately notify the Agency if any of their service providers are arrested. At the time Grant Recipient learns that one of its service providers has been arrested, then Grant Recipient shall cease to use such service provider in connection with programs funded by this Grant.

      4. In the initial report submitted to the Administering Agency, Grant Recipient shall provide: (a) the name of the chairman and the secretary of the advisory committee; (b) the times and dates that the Grant programs are available – essentially a schedule of services; (c) the number of participants in the program; (d) Description of the process used to identify individuals for which services will be provided; (e) provide specifics on the evaluation process that addresses how the process will work, how the statistical data will be gathered, how it will be analyzed.
      5. Grant Recipient shall provide an accounting system that shall separate Grant Funds from other funds. The accounting system shall also separate Grant related expenses from other expenses.

      6. Grant Recipient shall submit to Agency a monthly report on the progress of the programs. The annual report shall provide statistical data that supports the projects goals of reducing the recidivism rates of the participants within the program.

      7. Grant Recipient shall use Grant Funds strictly for the purposes outlined in the Grant. Any changes to the programs must be submitted in writing to Columbus Office of Crime Prevention for approval or the funding may be jeopardized.
      8. Grant Recipient shall identify the members of its Board of Directors which will assume liability if the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council determines the funds have been misused.

      9. The Grant Recipient shall use generally accepted accounting principles (“GAAP”) to account for all financial transactions used to substantiate the fulfillment of this Grant.
      10. The Grant Recipient shall maintain all records of Grant-related financial transactions for a minimum of three years after the completion of the Grant and to make all records available for inspection and fully cooperate with any audit or investigation requested or undertaken by the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, the State Auditor, the Internal Auditor for Columbus, Georgia, or any other officials of the state or federal government who have the authority to conduct audits.
      11. The Grant Recipient shall comply at all times with the provisions of Article I, Section II, and Paragraph VII of the Georgia Constitution regarding the prohibition against Sectarian Aid.
      12. The Grant Recipient hereby releases Columbus, Georgia from any liability whatsoever and Grant Recipient hereby agrees to indemnify Columbus, Georgia against any and all claims for damages, bodily injury or death arising from any of the activities contemplated by this Agreement raised by any person. Grant Recipient shall provide to Columbus, Georgia a certificate of insurance that shows general liability coverage in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and which shows that Columbus, Georgia is named as an additional insured.

      13. All services must be provided by properly certified or licensed personal.
      14. In the event there is any discrepancy in the language of the project description and these numbered paragraphs, the language in the numbered paragraphs shall control.

      Signature of City Manager, Isaiah Hugley Date

      Approved as to form by City Attorney Date

      Signature of Director of Finance, Pam Hodge Date

      Signature of Grant Recipient Representative, Gil McBride Date

- 7 -

Application for Columbus Office of Crime Prevention Grant
Other Revenue: $0. Legitimation Station does not charge for services.

2. Support (indicate with * if already committed)______________________________

Corporate support: $0

Foundation support: *$9,000- One-time grant by Columbus Bar Association

Other private support: $0

Government support

Federal: $0

State: $0

Other County agency: $0

Organizations cash applied to project: $9,000


Project expenses

Subtotal, Personnel: $19,377

5. Consultants and professional fees: $0

Subtotal, Consultants and professional fees: $0

6. Supplies and equipment: $6,000.00

7. Travel (Itemize) $2,600

Subtotal, Travel: $2,600

8. Printing and copying: $3,400

Subtotal, Printing and copying: $3,400

9. Marketing and publicity: $0

10. Mailing/postage: $823

11. Telephone/fax: $1,800

Subtotal, Other: $1,800



The Superior Court Judges of the Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit
The Columbus Bar association
The Muscogee County Law Library
Columbus Technical Institute

Include one original signed copy of the application and all supplementary materials. In addition include ten photocopies of the application and supplementary material. Staple each copy packet together.

__X__ IRS letter certifying tax-exempt status,(exempt if a government agency of the CCG)

__X__ Name and qualifications of people administering and/or participating in the project

__X__ Board list, showing officers, professional titles and telephone numbers

__X__Annual Report if available

__X__Letters of agreement from collaborating organizations

__X__ Any other desired support material


All organizations receiving Columbus Funds will be required:

By signing this application, we understand and agree to the terms included on the application and certify that the information in the application is true and accurate and that the undersigned is authorized to apply on behalf of the applicant.

___________________________________________ ______________________
Signature of Authorizing Official Date

Name and Title of Authorizing Official (print/type)__________________________________

Daytime Telephone ( )_____________________________

___________________________________________ ______________________
Signature of Board President/Chair Date

Name and Title of Board President/Chair (print/type)_______________________________

Daytime Telephone ( )_____________________________