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Date 05/27/2016

Honorable Mayor and Councilors
City Manager
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University Avenue is an Urban Arterial Road. University Avenue will provide adequate free flow movement for both East and West bound traffic. This use will be an accessory use to the property. Access into and out of the property in question will provide for adequate traffic and pedestrian safety. Anticipated traffic flow volumes will be low for the accessory use and consist of maintenance travel trips. Emergency vehicles will have adequate access to the principal structure and accessory use. Services such as water, sewer, utilities, police, and fire protection will be adequate and serve the proposed use at this location. This structures height, size and location will be considerably taller than the single family residential buildings to the south. This structure will look out of place surrounded by the current housing and other residential housing for CSU. The site plan submitted does show landscaping and fence screening will be provided by a 6 foot high chain link fence. As indicated in Section 3.2.72.K.2.of the UDO, towers and related equipment shall be surrounded by a minimum 10 foot wide area meeting buffer standard that is consistent with the requirements of Article 5 of Chapter 4 of the UDO. Respectfully,

Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

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