An ordinance revising Columbus Code Sections 16B-15-5(a)(7) Annual Leave (vacation), and 16B-15-6(a)(4) Sick Leave to provide that such leave may be taken in minimum increments of one hour, to confirm the administrative policy implementing the Columbus Police Department Pay Reform and Restructure Plan, and for other purposes.

Section 1.

Columbus Code Sections 16B-15-5(a)(7)and 16B-15-6(a)(4) are hereby amended by striking the specified paragraphs of those code sections and inserting new paragraphs to read as follows:
Section 2.

The new Columbus Police Department Pay Reform and Restructure Plan as set for in Administrative Policy, 220-1002 is hereby confirmed by this Council in the form attached.
Section 3,

All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed.

Introduced at a regular meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia, held on the 28th day of July, 2015; introduced a second time at the regular meeting of said Council held on the _____ day of ___________, 2015 and adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of ______ members of Council.

Councilor Allen voting__________.
Councilor Baker voting__________.
Councilor Barnes voting_________.
Councilor Buck voting___________.
Councilor Davis voting__________.
Councilor Henderson voting______.
Councilor Huff voting___________.
Councilor Pugh voting___________.
Councilor Thomas voting_________.
Councilor Woodson voting________.

____________________________ ___________________________
Tiny B. Washington Teresa Pike Tomlinson
Clerk of Council Mayor

CPD Pay Reform & Restructure Plan   7-4-15.pdfCPD Pay Reform & Restructure Plan 7-4-15.pdf