An ordinance amending Chapter 5 of the Columbus Code so as to establish and clarify various standards for the care of dogs and cats in Columbus, Georgia; and for other purposes.




Section 5-5(20) of the Columbus Code is hereby deleted in its entirety and there is substituted a new Section 5-5 (20) to read as follows:
“Sec. 5-5 (20)
Tethering shall mean the act of fastening or restraining a dog outside of the presence of its owner or caregiver by a mechanism appropriate to the circumstances and set forth in this chapter.”

Section 5-7.1 of the Columbus Code is hereby amended by striking the current Section 5-7.1 and replacing it with a new section 5-7.1 to read as follows:

“Sec. 5-7.1. - Outdoor facilities.
An owner or caretaker of a dog who allows the dog to spend more than eight hours in a 24-hour period outside must provide the dog an outdoor facility that meets the following specifications:
(a)Outdoor facilities for dogs shall include one or more shelters that are accessible to each dog and one or more separate outside areas of shade that is large enough to contain all the dogs at one time to protect them from the direct rays of the sun. Outdoor facilities shall be kept neat and free of clutter, including equipment, furniture and stored materials as well as accumulated trash, waste, junk, weeds and other discarded materials.
(b) Outdoor shelters shall comply with the following: (c) All outdoor areas to which a dog has access shall be kept clean and free of fecal matter and all other trash and waste.”

A Chapter 5 of the Code is further amended to add a new Section 5-7.2 to read as follows:

“Sec. 5-7.2 - Restraint
(a) It shall be unlawful for any owner or possessor of any dog to fail to keep the dog under restraint or control as provided for in this section.

(b) A dog is considered not under restraint or control when it is running at large, whether wearing a collar and tag or not. Reasonable care and precautions shall be taken to prevent the dog from leaving the real property limits of its owner, possessor, or custodian, and to ensure that:
(c) It shall be unlawful to tether an animal outdoors, except when all of the following conditions are met: (11) The animal is at least six months of age;
(12) The animal is not sick or injured; and

Paragraph 5-10.(a)(1) of the Columbus Code is hereby amended by striking the existing subparagraph in its entirety and substituting a new subparagraph 5-10.(a)(1) to read as follows:
(a)(1) Irrespective of and/or in addition to impoundment provisions, including assessment of penalty fees relating to impoundment of animals as prescribed in other sections of this chapter, it shall be unlawful for owners of dogs to allow, permit, or by negligence to permit, their dogs to be unattended. Any dog on the owner's property and not confined thereto by fence, or other suitable and effective means, and when no responsible person is present to control such dog, shall be considered unattended and in violation of this chapter only if said dog has been observed on public property or private property other than property of the owner, and not in voice control of a responsible person, by an enforcement officer of Columbus, Georgia or by a complainant willing to testify in court. Dog and cat owners residing in rural areas of the city and whose lots are zoned RE-5 or RE-10 and whose said lots are five acres or more in area, are exempt from the requirements to keep dogs penned, or on a leash, and/or under voice control. These exempted owners are required to ensure that their dogs and cats do not leave the limits of the owner's property, and these owners are subject to all other provisions of this chapter.”


Section 5-12 of the Columbus Code is hereby amended by deleting paragraph 8 of that code section in its entirety and substituting a new code section 5-12(8) to read as follows:

“Sec. 5-12(8).
(8) It shall be a violation of this section for an animal to be left unattended in a vehicle if the inside temperature of the vehicle exceeds 80 degrees.”

All ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict with this ordinance are hereby repealed as of its effective date. Provided however, only warnings but no citations for failure to have required tethering equipment or meet new outside shelter requirements shall be issued for the first 90 days after the effective date.

Introduced at a regular meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia held on the 28th day of February, 2017, introduced a second time at a regular meeting of said Council held on the ________day of __________, 2017, and adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of _______ members of said Council.

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