APRIL 17, 2012

A Special Called meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia was called to order at 5:30 P.M., Tuesday, April 17, 2012, on the Plaza Level of the Government Center, Columbus, Georgia. Honorable Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Mayor, presiding.

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PRESENT: Present other than Mayor Tomlinson was Councilors R. Gary Allen, Mike Baker, Glenn Davis, Berry H. Henderson, Bruce Huff, Judy Thomas and Evelyn Woodson. City Manager Isaiah Hugley, City Attorney Clifton Fay, Clerk of Council Tiny B. Washington and Deputy Clerk of Council Sandra Davis were also present. Mayor Pro Tem Evelyn Turner Pugh took her seat at the Council table at 5:55 p.m. Councilor Jerry Barnes took his seat at the Council table at 5:37 p.m.
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ABSENT: Councilor Charles E. McDaniel, Jr., was absent.
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INVOCATION: Led by Mayor Tomlinson.
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PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Wynnbrook Christian School After-School Program.

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Mayor Tomlinson said there is going to be a community celebration down at the
Civic Center on tonight from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., which is open to the community to
help the Cottonmouths to celebrate.

With the members of the Columbus Cottonmouths Hockey team standing at the
Council table, Mayor Tomlinson then read a proclamation, proclaiming April 17,
2012 as Columbus Cottonmouths Day.
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Mayor Tomlinson said we have had ongoing discussions about the Pension plan and said we will open up that discussion on today for the Council to give their input. She said a lot of discussion has come up about a define benefit plan. She said Mr. Chuck Carr, who is our actuary is also present here on tonight. She said in a lot of the update letters, we have talked about the fact that our pension obligation being 25% of our payroll cost, which is a phenomena amount. She said the vast majority of that 25% is legacy cost. She said we have gotten behind in the past, but our plan itself, is not an overly generous plan. She said if you took away our legacy cost it would be about 8 or 9%.

After making some additional comments regarding the pension plan, Mayor Tomlinson pointed out that Association County Commissioners of Georgia have a consultant, Steve Vaughn, who has been working on these kinds of plans with a lot of other cities in Georgia. She said Councilor Baker had talked with him and he has provided some information and said she has spoken with Mr. Vaughn on today and said that he is willing to come down to Columbus, free of charge and speak with us and provide his perspective about what we are talking and how it relates to the things he is talking about in other cities.

Mr. Chuck Carr then went into some details in outlining information about legacy cost.

He also responded to questions of members of the Council with regards to the total amount of funding that the City will have to include in the budget for the funding of the plan.

Mr. Carr also made reference to the following information as well that was provided to the Council in response to Council referrals, in which the following information as detailed below was highlighted:

Members of the Council made some comments regarding the proposed plan, after which Mr. Carr responded to questions of members of the Council.

Mayor Tomlinson then went into some details in explaining the chart that was presented to the Council with regards to the proposed plan and the cost of the plan.

Councilor Henderson said he believes that any action we take will certain lessen our obligation expeditiously. He pointed out that the Mayor had alluded to the fact Councilor Baker had done a little ground work on this matter and said he would like to commend him on the work done. He said after seeing the information that he sent out and talking with him about it, even though the Pension Committee has done a great job, he thinks whichever way it’s goes, and it will be a very positive
impact on the taxpayers’ dollar. He then asked Councilor Baker to make some comments regarding the information that has been shared with him.

Councilor Baker said he would like to thank Steve Vaughn at ACCG for helping him to understand this more clearly. He said he had really been struggling trying to get his arms around this and really needed some help in understanding this. He said he tried to talk to as many experts that he could to get as much information as he could to help him understand. He said what he came to realize after their help and explaining it out to him, we have talked a lot about actuary calculations, percent of payroll, four, six, eight percent, 60%, 45% as if that was step one. He said maybe we need to step back and take a look and said maybe that should be Steps 3, 4 and 5 and let’s understand what are we trying to do and how we need to get there. He said he think where we start by defining what an appropriate good benefit is for our employees as a retirement benefit. What do we think it is, as a percentage of the pay they are earning now? He said is that 60, 70, or 80% or 90%. He said the bench-marks he seen has been 80 - 90%. He said that is the total retirement benefit.

He said we do provide a social security benefit to the employees as well; therefore, when you talk about that 80% benefit, if this is what we want to provide; then we will have to see what percentage of that does social security covers because we have to pay that as well. He said the benchmarks with respect to social security, he has seen those benchmarks has being 35-40%; that someone will rely on or their social security providing them with that part the benefit when they retire.

Councilor Baker said if we start at 80% and the social security that we are funding covers forty percent; then that leaves our defined benefit calculation to provide the other 40% of their retirement. He said if we take their salary, how we get to the 40% that the defined benefits plan needs to provide. He said it may calculate to a 40% defined benefit plan, which means 40% of those retirement dollars should come from the plan. Then you take their salary at 40% and then it would give you a calculation as to how much money we should provide.

He said we need to decide what we want to provide, before we decide how we are going to provide. He said if we can get to that, a lot of the other numbers will fall into place.

Mr. Carr also made some additional comments regarding this matter and members of the Council also expressing their further views on this subject matter as well.

After more than an hour of discussion on the proposed pension plan, this matter was finally concluded. This is really a personal choice. More information may be presented at the April 10th Council meeting.

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Dr. James Worsley, Director of the Department of Parks & Recreation came forward and went into much details in outlining the proposed business plan for the operation of the Natatorium. The following information, detailed below was provided in Dr. Worsley’s presentation.
Community Input
The last stakeholders’ meeting was held on Monday, December 12, 2011. The listed
stakeholders had an opportunity to provide feedback about the Natatorium Business Plan.

About the Natatorium

Additional Amenities

Natatorium Programs
Water Safety Instruction

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 6am to 8pm
Saturday 6am to 8pm
Sunday 1pm to 6pm

Fee and Rental Costs

General Admissions
Resident Non-Resident
11 under $2 $4
12-17 $3 $6
Adult $5 $10
Senior $3 $6
Dr. Worsley then showed the General Admissions Comparisons for the rates for the youth, as well as the General Admissions Comparisons for adult.

Fee and Rental Costs

Membership Rates Yearly
Resident Non-Resident
Single $200 $250
Senior $180 $225
Family $300 $350

Dr. Worsley then showed a chart outlining the Membership Comparisons Yearly – Single, Senior and Family costs

Fee and Rental Costs

Meeting Room Rental Fee
Birthday Party Rental Fee
Water Rental Rates
Swim Team Rental Rate:
$500 per month for 5 lanes
3 hours per day – 5 days per week

Water Rental Rates
One End Rental Rate: Two End Rental Rate: Water Rental Rates
Swim Meets (facility shut down):

Program Pricing Guide
Swim Lessons

Kayak Lessons

Marketing Methods

Full Time Personnel Needs

Part-Time Personnel Needs

Natatorium Budget (April – June 2013)

Dr. Worsley then went into some details in outlining the proposed budget for the operation of the Natatorium from April through June of 2013, which was included in his presentation as well.

Opportunities for Additional Revenue

After the conclusion of his presentation, Dr. Worsely then responded to questions of Mayor Tomlinson and members of the Council.

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With there being no other business to come before the Council, Mayor Tomlinson then entertained a motion for adjournment. Councilor Allen so moved. Seconded by Councilor Davis and carried unanimously by those nine members of Council present for this meeting, with Councilor McDaniel being absent from the meeting and the time of adjournment being 8:15 p.m.

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Tiny B. Washington, CMC
Clerk of Council
Council of Columbus, Georgia