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Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting


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TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: Forston Road - Truck Route System revision

INITIATED BY: Engineering

Recommendation: Approve the attached ordinance amending the City’s existing Truck Route System for Truck weight and length restrictions that includes:
Background: Residents and Businesses asked that the Truck Route restrictions for Fortson Road from Double Churches Road to Williams Road be revised from the existing truck restrictions of 40 Tons/56 Feet to 18 Tons/36 Feet. The primary complaint was that allowing heavy trucks particularly dump trucks to travel down Fortson Road to Double Churches Road caused unnecessary congestion and diminished safety.

Analysis: The Traffic Engineering Division performed Vehicle Classification counts finding that Fortson Road south of Williams Road had about 34% truck traffic. A Public Information Meeting was held on July 12th at 5 PM at the Northside Recreation Center with an information package provided to each attendee. The meeting had eight attendees.

As an example, the proposed revisions will change a quarry dump truck route from Fortson Road south to Double Churches to Veterans Parkway a distanced of 1.04 miles to a new route from Fortson Road to Williams Road east to Veterans Parkway south to Double Churches Road a distance of 1.78 miles. This will increase the truck driver’s route by 0.74 miles.

Most of the attendees understood the complaint and were supportive in their comments. We received three written responses to the Public Information Meeting:
Financial Considerations: The installation of the Truck Route signs will cost the City approximately $300.00.

Projected Annual Fiscal Impact Statement: The only annual fiscal impact will be to replace any damage traffic signs.

Legal Considerations: A revision to the Truck Route System requires an ordinance adopted by Council.

Recommendations/ Actions: Approve the revision to the City’s Truck Route System.