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Applicant:3D Development Partnets, LLC/Frank Durst
Owner:Robin Bugbee Ankerich and Gay Bugbee Brownlee
Location2126, 2200, 2206, 2210 and 2214 Buena Vista Road
Acreage:1.37 acres
Current Zoning Classification:NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
Proposed Zoning Classification:GC (General Commercial)
Current Use of Property:One (1) Commercial Building and Four (4) Houses
Proposed Use of Property:General Retail (Family Dollar Store)
Council District:District 3 (Huff)
Planning Advisory Commission's Recommendation:Approval based on the fact that the request is compatible with existing land uses.
Planning Departments Recommendation:Conditional Approval based on the fact that the request is compatible with existing land uses. The Planning Department recommends the following condition:
1. Billboards shall not be allowed on this property.
Fort Benning's Rcommendation:N/A.
DRI Rcommendation:N/A.
General Land Use:Inconsistent
Planning Area D
Land Use Designation:
Single Family Residential
Environmental Impacts:The properties dos not lie within the floodway and floodplain area. The developer will need an approved drainage plan prior to issuance of a Site Development permit, if a permit is required.
City Services:Properties are served by all city services.
Traffic Impact:This rezoning request does not anticipate generating a negative impact on the transportation network.

The LOS will remain at C (stable flow, at or near free flow) after adding this new development.

This site shall meet the Codes and regulations of the Columbus Consolidated Government for commercial usage.
Surrounding Zoning:North – RO (Residential Office)/NC (Neighborhood Commercial)/RMF1 (Residential Multifamily 1)
South – RMF1 (Residential Multifamily 1)/RMF2 (Residential Multifamily 2)
East – NC (Neighborhood Commercial)/RMF1 (Residential Multifamily 1)
West – NC (Neighborhood Commercial)/GC (General Commercial)/RMF2 (Residential Multifamily 2)
Reasonableness of RequestThe request is compatible with existing land uses.
School ImpactN/A.
Buffer RequirementsThe site shall include a Category C buffer along all property lines bordered by the RMF1 zoning districts. The 3 options under Category C are:
1) 20 feet with a certain amount of canopy trees, under story trees, and shrubs / ornamental grasses per 100 linear feet.
2) 10 feet with a certain amount of shrubs / ornamental grasses per 100 linear feet and a wood fence or masonry wall.
3) 30 feet undisturbed natural buffer.
Attitude of Property Owners:Thirty Three (33) property owners within 300 feet of the subject properties were notified of the rezoning request. The Planning Department received one call asking for more details on the project, but didn’t expressed support or opposition to the request. We did received two comments in opposition. The concerns were in regards to increase noise, destruction of existing vegetation, and the possibility to affect property values. One of the suggestions was to require additional buffer to the area next to the residential zoning district.
Additional Information:The proposed rezoning of this property is from NC to GC to allow for a 10,000 sq. ft retail building. According to Section 2.3.4. of the UDO, the maximum size for commercial, retail and office establishments in an NC zoning district is 5,000 sq. ft.; therefore, the rezoning is needed to build a store of that size. The intended use is for a Family Dollar Store.

They will demolish five existing buildings: One commercial bldg and four houses. They will provide 40 parking spaces, including two handicapped spaces.
Attachments:Aerial Land Use Map
Future Land-Use Map
Site Plan
Traffic Analysis