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From: Teresa Tomlinson/Columbusga
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Date: 12/10/2013 10:44 PM
Subject: Re: Taxicab Commission Resignations

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Teresa Pike Tomlinson

Columbus Consolidated Government

Lisa Goodwin/Columbusga
Isaiah Hugley/Columbusga@Columbusga,
12/09/2013 04:53 PM
Taxicab Commission Resignations


Over the past couple of months, four members of the Taxicab Commission have resigned for the following reasons:

1. Matthew Probst, Chair: Just resigned because he sold his cab company and is out of the business

2. Edward Gibson - Airport Authority Representative: Resigned because he had to use his vacation time in order to attend meetings. The new Airport Director has been appointed as the new representative.

3. Billy Craft - Cab Driver Representative: Recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. His illness is progressing.

4. Michael Donnelly - Hotel Representative: Resigned because he has moved to Atlanta, GA

Each of these commission members were actively attending the meetings up until their circumstances changed. Did not want you to think they just resigned and wanted you to be aware in the event someone questions you about so many board resignations. All legitimate. We're actively working with Tiny to get replacements.