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Applicant:George W. Mize Jr.
Owner:Spring Hill Land Trust
Location4540, 4550 & 4554 Reese Road as well as 3747 Gentian Boulevard, Parcel #’s (084-023-003, 084-023-003, 084-023-002, 084-023-001)
Acreage:1.0550 Acre
Current Zoning Classification:NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
Proposed Zoning Classification:GC (General Commercial)
Current Use of Property:Neighborhood Retail
Proposed Use of Property:General Retail
Council District:District 5 (Baker)
Planning Advisory Commission's Recommendation:Approval based on the staff report and compatibility with existing land uses.
Planning Departments Recommendation:Conditional approval based on compatibility with existing land uses.
Conditions are
1. Entrance on Reese Road shall be right in/right out only.
2. The portion of Old Reese Road that will be used for a 10-foot multi-use trail shall be approved by the Department of Engineering to their standards.
3. The exterior of the building walls shall be of brick or masonry material like brick and other materials for accent sections.
4. Buffering shall include a 15-foot landscape buffer along the NE or Eastern line, between the property and Gentian Square Apartments; along the SE line of the Property (Gentian Boulevard) the developer plans to put in an 8-foot landscape buffer; and along the SW line of the property (Reese Road), the developer plans to put in a 5-foot landscape buffer.
5. Along the NE or East line of the development, the developer will construct an 8-foot shadow box opaque fence between the property and Gentian Square Apartments.
Fort Benning's Rcommendation:N/A
DRI Rcommendation:N/A
General Land Use:
Planning Area E
Environmental Impacts:The property does not lie within the floodway and floodplain area. The developer will need an approved drainage plan prior to issuance of a Site Development permit, if a permit is required.
City Services:Properties are served by all city services.
Traffic Impact:Traffic Impact will increase by 296 AADT (Average Annual Daily Trips) on 3747 Gentian and Reese Road. LOS should remain at B for Reese road.
Surrounding Zoning:North – RO (Residential Office)
South – NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
East – NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
West – NC (Neighborhood Commercial)
Reasonableness of RequestThe request is compatible with existing land-uses. This use could be a catalyst to spur growth in an existing vacant commercial node.
School ImpactN/A
Buffer RequirementsThe site shall include no buffer along all property lines bordered by the NC and/or RO zoning districts.
Attitude of Property Owners:Fifteen (15) property owners within 300 feet of the subject properties were notified of the rezoning request. The Planning Department received zero calls and zero emails regarding the rezoning.
Additional Information:None
Attachments:16-6078C_RE-DRAW SITE with Right-of-Way.pdfLand Use.pdfFuture Land Use.pdf