Agenda Item # 1

Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting

March 11, 2014

Agenda Report # 82

TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: FY2014 Holiday Schedule

INITIATED BY: City Manager's Office

Recommendation: Approval is requested of the attached Holiday Schedule for the FY2015 Budget Year. It is recommended that Friday, December 26, 2014, be designated as the floating holiday for FY15 Fiscal Year.

Background: The Holiday Schedule has historically been approved by City Council in February or March to assist various departments and organizations in developing their calendar schedules. All holidays are established with the exception of the floating holiday.

Analysis: The floating holiday has traditionally been used to extend a date specific holiday (Independence Day, Christmas or New Year's Day) to provide a long weekend for employees. This fiscal year we are recommending the day after Christmas, Friday, December 26, 2014 be designated as the floating holiday.

Alternatives: The floating holiday could be designated to follow a day specific holiday, for example, extending a holiday weekend or adding Good Friday as an option. The floating holiday could also be designated to recognize some other event or occasion.

Financial Considerations: None

Projected Annual Fiscal Impact Statement: The City will not incur any additional cost in future years for in approving the request.

Recommendation: Approval is requested of the attached Holiday Schedule for FY2015 Fiscal Year designating Friday, December 26, 2014, (day after Christmas) as the floating holiday.


Independence DayFridayJuly 4, 2014
Labor Day Monday September 1, 2014
Columbus Day Monday October 13, 2014
Veterans DayTuesdayNovember 11, 2014
Thanksgiving Day/Day AfterThursday, FridayNovember 27/28, 2014
Floating Holiday
December 25, 2014
December 26, 2014
New Year’s DayThursdayJanuary 1, 2015
Martin Luther King, Jr. BirthdayMondayJanuary 19, 2015
Memorial DayMondayMay 25, 2015

*Proposed Floating Holiday


WHEREAS, all holidays are established with the exception of the floating holiday; and,

WHEREAS, the floating holiday is hereby recommended for Friday, December 26, 2014.

NOW, THEREFORE, THE COUNCIL OF COLUMBUS, GEORGIA HEREBY RESOLVES AS FOLLOWS: That the attached Holiday Schedule for Fiscal Year 2015 is hereby adopted designating the FY2015 floating holiday as Friday, December 26, 2014, day after Christmas.

Introduced at a regular meeting of the Council of Columbus, Georgia, held on the_______ day of ___________ 2014, and adopted at said meeting by the affirmative vote of ______ members of said Council.

Councilor Allen voting ____________.
Councilor Baker voting ____________.
Councilor Barnes voting ____________.
Councilor Davis voting ____________.
Councilor Henderson voting ____________.
Councilor Huff voting ____________.
Councilor McDaniel voting ____________.
Councilor Thomas voting ____________.
Councilor Turner Pugh voting ____________.
Councilor Woodson voting ____________.

_____________________________ ________________________
Tiny B. Washington, Clerk of Council Teresa Pike Tomlinson, Mayor