Agenda Item #

Columbus Consolidated Government

Council Meeting


Agenda Report #

TO: Mayor and Council

SUBJECT: Hamilton Road and Talbotton Road
Street Right-of-way Abandonment

INITIATED BY: Engineering

Recommendation: Approve the attached Ordinance deleting from the Official Street Map a remnant portion of street right-of-way east of Hamilton Road and south of Talbotton Road being 0.786 acres.

Background: The office of Community Reinvestment is working with the Medical Center to transfer a remnant portion of street right-of-way for the purpose of building a new parking lot to serve the Medical Center that will abut Hamilton Road, Talbotton Road and 7th Avenue.

Analysis: One of the formal steps of this process is to delete these street segments from the Official Street Map City Code Section 18.1 for which this ordinance accomplishes.

Financial Considerations: Community Reinvestment Department will determine the property remnant value.

Projected Annual Fiscal Impact Statement: The final sales value will be deposited to the Finance Department.

Legal Considerations: The purpose of this ordinance is to delete this street right-of-way requiring Council approval.

Recommendations/ Actions: Approve the deletion of said segments of right-of-way from the Official Street Map of Columbus, Georgia.