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Subject: (EXCP-5-13-1980) Special Exception Use request for a place of worship exceeding 250 seats located at 7201 Flat Rock Road.

Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

On 5/7/2013, My Church of Columbus, Inc./Lamar Fields submitted a Special Exception Use application for a place of worship in excess of 250 seats. The property is located in an SFR1 (Single Family Residential 1) zoning district. The site for the proposed place of worship is approximately 5.5 acres. Places of worship in excess of 250 seats are permitted in an SFR1 zoning district only on a site-specific basis upon approval of the Council based upon some conditions.

Attached is the application and the land use map showing the location of the property along with the proposed site plan. The Planning Department staff is currently reviewing the request. We project the request will be on Council’s July 23rd’s agenda. A staff report will be sent to the Clerk of Council prior to the Council meeting date.
Application.pdfLand Use UPDATED.pdfSite Plan.pdf