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Subject: Subject: (EXCP-9-13-3052) Special Exception Use request to construct a 150-feet wireless telecommunication facility (Monopole) located at 1435 Double Churches Road.

Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

Municipal Communications, LLC/Robert S. Poydasheff have submitted an application for the Special Exception Use cited above. The property is located in a NC (Neighborhood Commercial) zoning district. The site for the proposed cell tower is approximately 0.815 acre. The applicant has submitted a site plan, which is attached. Wireless telecommunication facilities are permitted in the NC zoning district only on a site-specific basis upon approval of the Council based upon the following criteria and conditions:

Sixteen (16) property owners within 300 feet of the property have been notified by mail of the proposed Special Exception Use. To date, the Planning Department has received one comment in opposition. The resident lives right across the street and her main concern is the visual impact that the tower will create. She considers that there are other areas in the neighborhood that are wooded that could be a better fit for this project.

Additional Information: The existing retail facility (package store) will continue to be operated as usual. No changes or impact on this use.

The Planning Advisory Commission recommended approval at the November 6, 2013 meeting. The Planning Department recommends that the Council approves the use because the application for a Special Exception use meets the criteria for approval.


Rick Jones, AICP
Director, Planning Department

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